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Salt Lake City, Utah Doctor

PostPosted: Dec 05, 2004 1:23 am
by bridipridi
Hoping someone can recommend Dr.'s in Utah!! I live in the Sandy area and would prefer to go to Alta View Hospital but I am open to anything. Thanks for your help!


PostPosted: Dec 06, 2004 12:12 am
by RebeccaM
Wow, we're starting to get quite a group of Utah women here! I am from Utah (West Jordan) and so is Anna, the moderator for this forum. I know she has some great recommendations and I'm sure she will post them here for you. I just wanted to say hello and good luck with the doctor search!

PostPosted: Dec 06, 2004 11:03 pm
by MamaLily
Brandi -

Hi and welcome! We'll ought to have an annual "HG Survivors of Utah" meeting or something! :wink: There are a lot of us here right now.

I have a whole list of great doctors in the Salt Lake area. Most of them work at the University of Utah Hospital or LDS Hospital, but if you'd prefer not to drive so far, I'm sure we can find one closer to you. I live in Orem right now and am still making the trip to the U Hospital for my wonderful perinatologist!

How many HG pregnancies have you had? What treatments were you on? If your HG was severe, I'd recommend finding a perinatologist.

Anyway, I'll see what I can find...

- Anna

PostPosted: Dec 07, 2004 1:29 am
by bridipridi
Hi Anna and Rebecca!

Thanks so much for replying! When I first found this site I was so excited because I finally realized that I am not the only one who gets really sick, and I was even more excited that there are actually people nearby who get just as sick as me. I already feel so much better.

I don't care how far I have to drive as long as I have a great doctor!! I don't plan on getting pregnant for a few months but would like to start getting prepared for it. I have had 2 HG pregnancies. For the first baby I was quite young (17) and I was in a Teen Mom program, so I didn't have a regular doctor and nobody did anything for me except tell me I had morning sickness. Because I was so young and it was my first I thought that was what I had. The second pregnancy was a lot worse than the first and I lost 20 lbs., I was again told it was just morning sickness. They did put me on Reglan however I'm not sure if it worked because soon after I took it I started feeling better anyway. I only took it for about a week.

Thank you for your help,

PostPosted: Dec 07, 2004 3:47 pm
by MamaLily
Brandi -

Here are some doctors that I would recommend in the Salt Lake area. I haven't seen all of these doctors personally, but I have had some good recommendations from nurses, patients, other doctors, etc. I was looking for a doctor myself at the beginning of the may take some time to find the right one for you, but it's worth it!

- Dr. Amy Sullivan - she is my current doctor. She is a perinatologist and sees patients at the U. and also at LDS Hospital. I was so excited to find her after calling many, many hospitals and clinics. The members of her staff are really the most helpful health professionals I have ever talked with! I met with her at the beginning of the year for a "Pre-Conception Consultation" and she knew all about HG treatments. I see her again next week for an appointment and ultrasound (I'm 6 weeks pregnant right now!).

- There is a great OB group at Cottonwood Hospital and I would recommend any of the doctors there: Dr. Larkin, Dr. Irion, Dr. Lloyd, etc. I'm not sure if any of them are taking new patients, but they are all good doctors with knowledge about HG. They helped me with my pregnancy and delivered my baby.

- Dr. T. Flint Porter - I saw Dr. Porter with my last pregnancy. He knows as much or more about HG than any doctor I know of. I think he may have a closed practice, but anyone who practices with him would be fantastic. He is also a perinatologist.

- Dr. Max Steele - This is the doctor Rebecca sees. We can get her opinion on him. He sounds good for someone who knows the different options for HG treatment - Rebecca has mentioned that he will give her prescriptions for the meds that work for her. And that alone is a great thing for an HG patient!

- Dr. Sara Jane Pieper - She comes highly recommended by all the nurses at LDS Hospital and by Dr. Porter. I would have seen her except that she was not covered by my insurance. I know she delivers at LDS Hospital - and maybe elsewhere also. Call early if you want to see her.

- Dr. Howard Sharp - I believe Dr. Sharp sees patients at the U. Hospital. I have heard great things about him!

Good luck...I hope this helps!

It sounds like you weren't treated as well as you could be during your past 2 pregnancies. This website has so much of the best pages is the one that lists different meds/treatments for HG. If you look in the "Preparing for HG" area of this forum, you will find some other women who are preparing for another pregnancy. Doing lots of research can really make a difference! And feel free to ask anything here...the combined experience of all these women is incredible.

Keep us posted on your search for a doctor!

- Anna[/list][/list]

Thank you!

PostPosted: Dec 09, 2004 12:18 pm
by bridipridi
Just wanted to say thank you so much Anna!! How soon before I get pregnant would you recommend a preconception visit? I don't currently have insurance (I work for myself as a Massage Therapist and husband is doing seasonal work) but would plan on getting Medicaid at the very worst, however with Medicaid I would not qualify until I am actually pregnant, so preconception visit would not be covered. We don't plan on trying until July. (need to save money as I will not be able to work for awhile and get ready) Also, do you know anything about disability insurance in utah? Again thanks for your help, Brandi

PostPosted: Dec 19, 2004 1:23 am
by MamaLily
I think your pre-conception visit could be any time between now and when you plan on TTC. I had my strategy plan all worked up when I had my pre-conception visit, so it went very smoothly. I searched everywhere I could about different treatment options for HG, and made a good list of my own.

I don't know about disability insurance in Utah...if you post in the "Insurance and Employment" area of these forums, someone there might be able to help you.

Good luck and let me know what you find!

- Anna