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HG doctor in western PA area?

PostPosted: Dec 06, 2004 10:10 am
by jdkalantzis
I live in western Pennsylvania, an hour north of Pittsburgh. I am looking for a good HG doctor. Can anybody help me?


PostPosted: Dec 06, 2004 11:10 pm
by MamaLily
Jo -

I don't have any names off the top of my head, but I'm sure we can find someone great in your area.

First of all, take a look at the post "Ways to Find a Great Doctor" in this forum. There are some ideas about finding a doctor who is informed about HG!

Next, if you can give me the names of some hospitals where you'd like to deliver, I'll see if I can find anything for you.

Or you could look up the hospital websites, go to their "Doctor Locator" link, and choose "Maternal/Fetal Medicine" or Perinatology" for the speciality. Hopefully you will come up with a list of doctors.

What was your HG like in the past? I think perinatologists/Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors are the best for HG sufferers, especially for those with severe HG.

Good luck and hope to hear back from you soon...

- Anna


PostPosted: Dec 07, 2004 2:54 pm
by jdkalantzis
Thanks, Anna, for getting back to me. I did look in the "Ways to Find a Doctor" secton of this site but when I went to the 'doctor locater' link no one came up with my criteria.

As for hospitals, I would like a good NICU unit as I delivered both of my girls early (33 and 35 weeks gestation). Oh, and I guess I am also limited to what my health insurance covers. So, that narrows down the list to:
Butler Memorial Hospital in Butler, PA
The Medical Center of Beaver in Beaver, PA
Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA
Sewickley Valley Hospital in Sewickley, PA
University of Pittsburgh Presbyterian Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA

If you can find any doctors affiliated at the above hospitals who are knowledgeable about HG I would appreciate it.

I have 2 interviews set up with OB's in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully one of them will prove to be 'my doctor!'

In the meantime I'll wait to hear back from you.


Re: Thanks...

PostPosted: Dec 07, 2004 4:16 pm
by MamaLily
Jo -

I compiled a post a few months ago that lists different methods for finding a new doctor. It may give you some ideas:

I looked on the Maternal-Fetal Medicine website and found a whole list of doctors in Pittsburgh.

Butler Memorial Hospital has an online Physician Locator ... ectory.asp . You can also call and have them help you find a doctor. I didn't see any Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors, but you could call and ask them.

The Medical Center of Beaver & Sewickley Hospital also did not have Maternal-Fetal Medicine departments (as far as I could tell). ... ameSet.htm Again, you could call them and ask for their high-risk OBs or for perinatologists.

Here is a list of Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors I found on the Magee Women's Hospital website :
1. Steve N. Caritis, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
2. Bonnie Coyne, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
3. Ashi Daftary, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
4. Arundhathi Jeyabalan, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
5. David Kauffman, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
6. Kristine Lain, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
7. Tracy Prosen, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
8. Hyagriv Simhan, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
9. Margaret L. Watt-Morse, M.D. Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Here is the website for the University of Pittsburgh Presbyterian Shadyside I didn't see any perinatologists listed, but you could call to check.

It might be good to call a few of these Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors. Even if that doctor is not the right one for you, they could definitely give you some recommendations for a good OB.

Good luck and keep us posted...I hope this helps!

- Anna

Thanks! I have an appt this week...

PostPosted: Dec 15, 2004 10:25 am
by jdkalantzis
Thanks, Anna, for the information!

I have an appt on Thursday with the doctors at Magee-Women's Health. I had to get a referral from a regular ob/gyn doctor for them to even see me since they are only for 'high risk' patients. Hopefully they will prove to be more aggresive than my last ob/gyn in treating my hyperemesis. Wish me luck!


PostPosted: Jan 05, 2005 11:05 am
by Jer&Kar

Any luck with the doc at McGee's? dw and I are in the same region (1 hour north of Pittsburgh) and are considering switching doctors since hers isn't being very agressive with her HG. Would be great to have a recommendation if someone is in the area that will willing to treat her.

Thanks for the info Anna. We'll look into some of these options over the weekend. We have a sonogram Friday and are praying for the best. I'm hopeful that dw will find strength in knowing that the baby is healthy :D