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Boise, Idaho, need to find a doc

PostPosted: Jun 14, 2004 6:07 pm
by emily
Hi! I was fortunate to have Dr. Balderston and Dr. Winkler for the second half of my pregnancy in Portland, Oregon. However, I have since moved to Boise, Idaho and I need suggestions! I would like to start looking for a doctor. I am hoping to TTC in September.

PostPosted: Jun 14, 2004 10:47 pm
by MamaLily
Emily -

I'm happy to hear that you had good doctors with a previous pregnancy! Good doctors just make all the difference in the battle to survive HG. And if you're ttc in September, you are looking at a great time...and you'll have time to prepare!

I don't know any in Boise, Idaho, but I'm happy to help you find one! What was your HG like with your other pregnancy? What meds did you try? How severe was the HG? Did you see a perinatologist or a "regular" OB?

I think it's a good idea for HG survivors to see a perinatologist, or at least a high-risk OB. Or to have one lined up for consultations.

If you can tell me the hospital where you want to deliver, it will be helpful. One of my good friends is from Boise...I'll ask her if she knows anyone great.

I know we can find someone great!

- Anna

PostPosted: Jun 15, 2004 10:16 pm
by emily
Hi Anna,

Well I started my pg off with a midwife which turned out to be a huge mistake. Phenergeren (sp?), methylprednisone, B6 injections, Regelan, Zofran IV, Zofran Oral, Morphine, PICC line, TPN, IV rehydration therapy, stomach pump (I can actually laugh at that one today, I mean really, I was throwing up 12-15 times a day, like I really needed my stomach pumped)... I may be forgetting something.

So, started off with the midwife who let my condition deteriorate rapidly. At 5 weeks had DH check me into the hospital where I was given a Zofran drip and rehydrated. Overnight stay. Did pretty good for a couple of days. Did a methylprednisone round (my nurse at the hospital worked with a well known perinatologist in Portland, and it was his advice), and phenergren (which did nothing).... But at week 7 was readmitted to the hospital for 6 days where they pumped my stomach (I was actually vomitting with tube down my nose into my stomach) to do an ultrasound to look for blockage in my gut or some such whacked thing. PICC line was inserted. I was given Morphine due to pain. TPN. Had lost 13% of body weight at this point. Sent home on oral Zofran. PICC line was removed because it had "migrated" (ie. was not inserted correctly).

At 18 weeks or so I switched to perinatologist. They tried Reglan (sp?) and kept me on Zofran oral. I did not respond well to Zofran, but I was not taking it consistenly because I was unable to take it a lot. I am very interested in the Zofran pump or sublingual tablets I was reading about here. I also did B6 injections. I did NOT try Unisom though. I also did weekly IV rehydration at the IV clinic.

I also had abnormal liver labs, though I am not sure what they are looking for with that. I was just told that it was consitent with HG?

I need a perinatologist. Hospital doesn't matter. I am not sure if I will have to choose due to health ins. Dh is doing an internship with a company here that is supposed to turn into a full time job w/benefits in August. But, there are only two hospitals here in Boise. I am looking for someone who has an oncall staff 24/7 and who will agressively treat me with IV therapy, Zofran etc.

Once we have health insurance again (thank goodness I had excellent health ins. with DD) I will start TTC right away, so I would like to start looking now for a Dr. especially since some have waitlists.

I would really, really appreciate any suggestions you might have.


PostPosted: Jun 16, 2004 1:23 am
by Ivydragon

My sister lived in Boise for a few years and had a baby there. One of my Sister-in-law's friends also lives there now and may have had a baby there as well. Come to think of it I have another friend who lives there now, and I wonder if she's finally been able to conceive that 4th baby she's wanted for so long.

I'll do some connecting, and see what recommendations (for good and bad) Drs. we can find for you there.



PostPosted: Jun 16, 2004 10:46 am
by MamaLily
Emily -

You are brave to think of doing this again after all you went through last time. A stomach pump? That is bizarre!

I agree with you 100% that you need a perinatologist. I went to and found 3 Boise doctors who are certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors. From my experience, these are the best doctors for HGers to have!

Here are there names:

222 N 1ST
BOISE, ID 83712

BOISE, ID 83702

BOISE, ID 87712-6298

I don't know anything about these doctors, but the fact that they are MFM is very encouraging to me. It's probably worth a call to their offices to get some info about their treatment history with HG.

I've got to run, but I'll write later with some other ideas I have!

Take care!

- Anna

PostPosted: Jun 20, 2004 4:18 pm
by emily
Thank you so much for your suggestions and words of encouragement. Maternal-fetal doctors. I didn't even know they existed! What a great idea. I will start checking into these ideas. My dh's prospective employer when he finishes his internship only offers an 80/20 plan. I have to find out the max co-pay, but I am sure we will max it. With my first pg, everything was covered and I still spent hours upon hours dealing with the insurance co. My main goal is to avoid a PICC line and multiple hospitalizations. Those really added to the cost of pg significantly. Hopefully with a Zofran pump and IV rehydration I can avoid any hospital stays other than the delivery!

PostPosted: Jun 22, 2004 12:31 am
by MamaLily
Emily -

Will your new insurance treat your HG as a complication of pregnancy or as a regular health complication? Just wondering, because there are sometimes different deductibles and coverage options.

Have you considered an NG tube instead of a PICC line? I had one for 6 weeks with my HG pregnancy, and I'm planning on having one again in future pregnancies. Did they mention it to you as an option in your last pregnancy?

Keep me posted on your hunt for a great doctor. And let me know how I can help!

- Anna

PostPosted: Jun 22, 2004 4:54 pm
by emily
No, I haven't heard of the NG tube other than in passing here. I had a midwife during the first 18 weeks of my pg (at 18 weeks I was finally well enough to get a perinatologist, but before then, I was so sick, I couldn't do anything to help myself) and the midwife had no idea what she was doing. I actually only had the PICC for 3 days, and then they removed it because they had put it in incorrectly (it was going directly to my head!!!) After that hospital stay, in which multiple mistakes were made, I refused to be readmitted even though I got even worse for about 3 more weeks. Since not having repeat HG seems out of the question really, my main goal is to stay out of the hospital other than to deliver (I was hospitalized twice, once overnight and once for 7 days) and avoid a PICC. I am planning on B6 (I have already started 100 mg a day), Unisom (didn't even try that with the first pg), accupuncture, NAET allergy treatments for horomones, IV clinics and a zofran pump.