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Need to find a good Dr. on Long Island, NY

PostPosted: Jun 20, 2004 1:53 pm
by Joci6
If anyone can help me find a Dr. with experience with HG on Long Island, NY I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


PostPosted: Jun 22, 2004 12:25 am
by MamaLily
Hi Sandra!

How are you doing? I've been wondering about you...if you're still ttc or have decided to wait a while.

I'd be happy to help you find a good doctor in Long Island. Do you know the particular hospital where you want to find a doctor? Or is there a specific area?

Hope all is well with you!

- Anna

PostPosted: Jun 23, 2004 7:26 pm
by Joci6
Hi Anna-

How are you? I was ttc however this month I stopped because I hurt my jaw in a car accident and didn't think it would be fun throwing up when I couldn't even open my mouth (ha-ha). I actually just got a name of a Dr. from a friend of mine who used to work in a hospital. I called to set up an appt. and they said "Oh - he chooses who he wants as a patient, you cna't just make an appt." I almost fell off my chair. He supposedly is a very highly recommended perinatologist. He's been in People magazine and Newsday. So I sent my records and would you believe he called me a week later to say he wants to see me. So my appt. is July 15th.
I would deliver at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola or North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. I have an OBGYN and a perinatologist picked for Winthrop and now I'm interviewing Dr.'s from North Shore. I want to make sure I get the right doctors so I will interview every doctor on Long Island if I have to.
How are your plans going?


PostPosted: Jun 26, 2004 12:45 am
by MamaLily
Sandra -

Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope everything is okay with your jaw! The thought of HG with an injured jaw sounds like a really bad combination...hopefully your jaw will feel better soon!

Dh and I did not conceive earlier this year. And now we aren't trying for at least a year - because of problems getting health insurance.

I have actually been thinking a lot about adoption. Perhaps we will try to adopt sometime in the next couple of years and then ttc a few years after that. We'll see what happens...

The peri you talked about sounds great (and very excusive, LOL!). Please let me know how your appointment goes with him.

You may already have doctors lined up to interview at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, but I just looked at their website and they have quite a lot of Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctors. And I read that they have a special antepartum program for women who need to be hospitalized while pregnant (I'm hoping you won't need to be, though). It sounds like they have a good center for high-risk maternity patients!

If you any help finding a doctor, I'd be happy to help. Let me know what you find...and GOOD LUCK!

- Anna

PostPosted: Jun 27, 2004 12:35 pm
by Joci6
My jaw does feel a bit better now. Thanks!! I will let you know how my visit goes with the Dr. Thanks for the info on the NSUH in Manhasset.