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Aflac Covers HG

PostPosted: Jul 08, 2005 2:11 pm
by Kschwintz
Okay, I have to say that I was shocked when I opened my policy yesterday and it said "Normal pregnancies are not covered, only pregnancies complicated by hyperemesis gravidarum and preeclampsia." WOW!! That covers me.

I was just shocked that it was recognized. Hmmmm... Maybe I could do this again (apparently, I'm starting to forget puking 20x a day and nearly dying from preeclampsia).

Take care,

PostPosted: Jul 08, 2005 10:18 pm
by JennyK
I know! Isn't is shocking and wonderful?! :)

I would never be able to afford another pregnancy without AFLAC. Even with the insurance it will be tough to cover losing 1/3 of my wages in addition to medical bills. Ugh.

PostPosted: Aug 02, 2005 1:24 am
by teddi
So... tell me more about AFLAC.

What is the coverage for? How does it work? What if you are unemployed or self-employed?

How much costs it? And do you have to do a physical? Give them your med records?

Are they stupid? LOL... no seriously though... I mean having HAD hg and HELLP... HELLO they are both likely to happen again.

PostPosted: Aug 02, 2005 9:35 am
by JennyK

I posted a message about AFLAC a while ago that includes quotes for my premiums and a run-down of what each policy covers.

I'm not sure how it works if you are self-employed. Just call an agent and start asking questions. My agent, as well as agents for other HGers, have no problem with you saying point blank that you need this policy becase you will probably have HG again. As long as it's been a year since delivery HG is *NOT* a preexisting condition. You also need to have your policy in place one month before making a claim.

Right now I'm thinking of getting on board with AFLAC in September and TTC in October.

Hope that helps. Does this mean your considering doing it again?