Southwestern Connecticut - Yale? Bridgeport?

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Southwestern Connecticut - Yale? Bridgeport?

Postby Hayna » Feb 15, 2008 10:37 am

Hi all,

I live in Stratford, CT. I'm in the process of looking for an OB who is knowledgeable and comfortable treating HG aggressively. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and need more aggressive, consistent, comprehensive care than I am currently receiving.

So far most research has pointed to the high-risk program at Yale. Does anyone have experience with this program?

Also, I live closer to Bridgeport Hospital and would love to see someone closer than New Haven. Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with their high-risk department?

Thank you!
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Postby Princesshood » Mar 03, 2008 11:27 pm

I never had an HG doctor. I had a doc that had no idea as to what was wrong with me then one that was in denial as to what was wrong with me and then at the end of that pg I found one that didn't know about hg, but was willing to learn and he delivered both of my last children. He is well educated about hg now. He used this site to get medical answers because there is a forum for doctors and he used it. He listened to me and used as much information as he could find on hg. I don't think you really need an hg doctor, just someone who is willing to learn, there are not many docs educated on it anyway and maybe you could help educate one. I'm glad to know that if another woman sees Dr. Jack Tubbs that she will get great treatment for her hg.
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Postby mjl » Aug 06, 2008 11:19 am

I wish I would've been on this site sooner. I also live in Stratford, CT and survived HG in 2007. You posted awhile ago and have probably already delivered your baby by now. If you didn't have any luck finding a knowledgeable OB, here's the information incase you need it in the future. Dr. Robert Deal or Dr. Mark Laser. 999 Silver Lane, Trumbull CT 06611 (203) 386-0044. They are near the Hawley Lane Shopping Center next to the Exxon/Mobile Gas Station. We switched to them when we were 8 weeks along. They are awesome! They deliver at St. V's and Bridgeport hospital as well.
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Postby kmomto6 » Aug 07, 2008 9:14 am

Rob Deal, Mark Laser and Katy Despot are all quite good about treating HG. They took care of me through 2 1/2 pregnancies.
Dr. Deal is a real sweetheart generally, very sympathetic and caring. Katy was my main care provider and caught 2 of my babies. One at Bridgeport and one at St. V's. I definitely preferred St. V 's. the Bridgeport nursery nurses are pretty old school.
For pede's, Canterbury Pediatrics, namely Marilyn Smith are TOPS.
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