employment frustrations

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employment frustrations

Postby Amanda_Ray » Jul 31, 2008 1:19 pm

So I am currently looking for a job. I actually had one that looked really promising it was With Alltel (who if you are up on this stuff was sold to Verizon wireless recently) anyways the money was good I had a babysitter. I even had it figured out where i could go to training for a week) Anyways they pretty much called me told me I had an interview but they were waiting for the manager to come back. SO i waited. And waited. And called the Corporate HR director, and the local mangers they assured me the manager was on medical leave and when she came back she would do my interview. THey told me I looked promising and even said THIS week if the manager wasn't back I'd have an interview with teh assistant district manager. WELL guess who just found out through another employee there that they hired someone without even interviewing them!? ME. it was a friend of one of the District managers. How totally uncool is that!? what makes me even more upset is i talked to them Tuesday and they assured me they would have me interviewed by today. Go figure.

Anyways i'm looking for employment. I was going to open a daycare but my Blood is so up an down lately that my Hematoligist told me he wants me working in a place around people (adult people) because if i were to have a blood clot leading to things like stroke or a heart attack or something there would be people there to help me. (i am currently on 14.5 mg of Warfarin and my blood continues to be too thick. last test was 1.9 which currently they are gonna settle for good enough. (for those who want to know its supposed to be 2.5-3.0) Anyways i'm even looking into becoming a CNA just because its good money even though physically i know it wouldn't probably be the best choice for me since i'm still struggling to recover from HG.

Does anyone know any good online jobs? i know that they exist and i always see those "take survey's for money" job sites and stuff but are they actually legit?

Anyways i better get going more job apps to fill out i guess.
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