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SE Wisconsin - Doctor Needed

Postby PamelaRose » Oct 14, 2005 8:24 pm

Anyone out there have any suggestions? Here's a post from OverthisinWI:

My husband, myself and our 10-month old beautiful daughter just moved, and on the day we arrived I got pregnant again. I guess breast feeding and taking the pill aren't really that dependable in view of what is meant to be! Anyway, I had a wonderful, perfect midwife and OB back home, who worked through my 8-month HG last time - we tried absolutely everything possible - and though few things besides IV's had an impact, I was so glad that they saw me whenever I needed it and sent me to the hospital upon glancing at my gray face and dried out skin. So now I am pretty low - I really believed that I would not get HG again. But since week 4 it has been getting worse and worse, every day. I know how to schedule vomiting now, from my last pregnancy, and I know what to eat that won't be too gross to throw back up - I am keeping down small amounts of food a day, so that is good. ANYWAY, my point is - can anyone recommend an OB in the area that has dealt with HG - I have an appt scheduled already with one, but the nurse who set the appt seemed to not have any idea what hyperemisis was. I am just really scared - SO, anyone in southeastern WI know a good doc?

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Postby jewelsglosenger » Nov 13, 2005 9:00 pm

Where exactly in Wisconsin? Close to the Milwaukee area? I love my ob at Glenpoint obgyn. His name is Dr. Waeltz and he really listens to me and has taken lots of extra time with me. Very understanding!
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