Doctor to avoid in New Mexico

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Doctor to avoid in New Mexico

Postby Jemi » Mar 25, 2009 12:20 pm

Today I found out the Dr. Vicky Peng OBGYN has been billing me for two visits when I go to see her. My regular prenatal visit, which my insurance covers but another visit coded under "abdominal pain," which my insurance does not cover as pregnancy related. So far she has made $125 off of me. Apparently, if I talk about my stomach she doesn't consider this as a pregnancy related issue. I couldn't figure out why she kept bringing up that I had said that my latests problems weren't related to HG, but had to do with acid reflux. It is because she can get away with billing for another visit. On top of making me pay more she has been very condensending and unwilling to listen. It's really hard to take a hit when your so far down as it is. All together copays have totaled $2000, which doesn't include prescription costs.
First pregnancy; 23 weeks; nausea mostly gone, but stomach problems to beat the band and still under pre-pregnancy weight
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