SOS need help ASAP

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SOS need help ASAP

Postby alb526 » May 01, 2009 11:35 am

Ok - here is the short version....DH got a call last week from him boss that layoffs would soon follow if more work did not come in.

Wednesday his boss called back and said that he was being laid off May 1st. At that time he was told his salary for May 1st would be paid his health care covered through May as normal. His firm covers his premuim and part of the families, the remainder is deducted from his salary.

Today payroll calls to let him know they are deducting the full premuim from today's pay to cover last month and that our coverage is being suspended as of today, May 1st.

DH contacts his boss and to discuss and is told that the firm cannot cover the premium, they are operating a month behind and that to keep the policy in place he must pay $1000 today. Payroll may or may not go through.

This is a very small business, around 10 employees. If anyone has any info on COBRA and how to keep my health coverage in place please contact me ASAP. I am so scared, we never envisioned being in this situation. DH's firm is in Texas, he's been an employee in good standing for 7+ years. To complicate things further we live in Colorado.

I'm currently on bed rest with hypertension, on home health with a picc with severe HG plus complications due to excessive pressure on my cochlear implant.

Anyone HELP!!!
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Postby Mom to Aidan & Daniel » May 23, 2009 3:54 am

I hope that things got somewhat resolved for you!! what a terrible situation to be in!! It makes me so mad that, in your time of illness and need, you have to fight the system for health care.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
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