OB or Midwife in Richmond VA?

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OB or Midwife in Richmond VA?

Postby emily0619 » Jun 29, 2009 7:12 am

I went to the dr today for my 20 week appointment, mind you surviving on Zofran pump...and was told that all this was in my head and I just need to get back to my regular routine (including full time employment) and I will be fine.

I've been seeing a therapist since week 10, I haven't been able to take my depression medication so it helped to talk to someone once a week. She hasn't even suggested that this is in my head!

I'm so frustrated of having to defend this illness to everyone.
-- Emily, due Nov 15th
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Postby merebelle » Jul 10, 2009 12:47 pm

Im in Charlottesville. I delivered 2 HG babies here with Dr. Ed Wolanski. He was excellent. I had a PICC line and TPN for months. If you are on the western side of Richmond, maybe you can try him. I will call the office and ask for a Richmond OB you might see. Ed is well connected. He will probably know someone. Worst case scenario, you can drive to Charlottesville and be treated like a family member. It is not at all in your head! Do not let ANYONE tell you that. You are sick and you have a beautiful task ahead of you- to bring a child into the world. Your doctors need to be 110% behind you.
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