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Northern Virgina needing help

PostPosted: Sep 25, 2004 11:46 pm
by Ridgielover
I live in Woodbridge VA (22193) but i am moving shortly to Stafford, VA.

I currentyl ytravel to FairOaks (45 mins away) to my OB that sucks.

I would prefer to deliver at Innova Fairfax Hospital.(Fairfax(?Fall's Church?), VA.


PostPosted: Sep 26, 2004 11:01 pm
by MamaLily
Hi! I'm glad to see you here...

I think that you ought to be with a perinatologist/Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist/high-risk OB. These doctors should know a lot more about HG treatment options than "regular" OBs. It's just not worth wasting any more of your time at this critical stage...

I have a few ideas:

1 - Call Dr. Helaine Landy in the D.C./MD area. Here is the link to a thread here that talks about her: She has HG experience, which is so important!! Even if she isn't close to where you are, it would be worth a call to her office to see if she knows of a good OB in your area.

2 - I found the website for Inova Fairfax Hospital. They have a "Find a Doctor" service ... elcomepage that seems helpful. You can search for a doctor online by typing in your preferences, selecting the type of doctor you want (choose Maternal & Fetal Medicine), and selecting your city. I found at least 2 Maternal/
Fetal Medicine specialists in Fairfax/Falls Church. There is also a phone number you can call to help you find a physician - (703) 204-3366. I think it's worth a call tomorrow morning!!

3 - I did a quick search on Here are the two Maternal/Fetal Medicine doctors in Fairfax, VA:
3020 HAMAKER COURT, #501

3020 HAMAKER CT., STE. 501

Let me know what you think of these ideas! I think you ought to make a few calls tomorrow - to Dr. Landy, to the hospital, and to Dr. Nies.

Call their offices and tell them that you have hyperemesis and need to speak with a nurse immediately. Tell them that you need a new doctor because you are dehydrated and you are NOT getting the treatment you need. Sound desperate (which may not be hard :cry: )! When you speak with the nurse, describe what you are going through and ask him/her about the doctor's experience with HG. Does the doctor see a lot of HG patients? What treatments does the doctor encourage? Will the doctor give you steroids if you need them? Here are some other good questions: ... doctor.php

Good luck! Please let me know if any of these things work! I know that you can find a great doctor who will treat you very well.

- Anna