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Finding a high risk dr.

PostPosted: Oct 18, 2004 10:42 am
by natsmom
I had HG severely with my first and only child. I swore I wouldnt do it again, but I am now thinking about it. My question is do I need a referral for a high risk dr? I did not like the treatment I received from my physician and she is aware of this. She doesnt think I need a high risk dr. I think I would feel more comfortable if I knew that my Dr. was more familiar with HG. Also, I know the insurance company would cover more of the cost of the drugs. I am looking for a Dr. in the Northern New Jersey area. Preferably Essex county. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PostPosted: Oct 18, 2004 11:11 pm
by MamaLily
Yes, I definitely think you ought to find a different doctor...preferrably at perinatologist or Maternal/Fetal Medicine specialist, but at least a high-risk OB. If you've had severe HG in the past, I think it would be worth it to find someone who knows a lot about HG management.

Please read the post at the top of this "Find a Physician" has some ideas about ways to find a doctor. If you can give me the hospitals where you'd like to deliver, I'd be happy to search for some doctors. If you go to and type in your city/state/zip code, then it will provide you with a list of all Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists in your area.

I know from experience how important it is to find a doctor who knows a lot about HG. And, there is a new post in the "Health Professionals" forums here which suggests that being proactive can dramatically lessen HG symptoms. I recently switched to a new perinatologist (due to an insurance switch), and she was happy to schedule a "pre-conception consultation" to discuss HG management. It was so nice to talk about how we would manage my HG before it happened! I wish every HGer could have such an appointment before conceiving a 2nd time.

Anyway, please let me know how I can help you. I definitely think it's worth your time and effort to find a doctor who will treat you as you ought to be treated!

- Anna