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need a perinatologist in los angeles area

PostPosted: Nov 02, 2004 12:25 am
by baylor's mom
I didn't have a great experience with my first ob/gyn and think I would like to try a peri or mfm doctor. I live in Redondo Beach, CA in the Los Angeles area. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

PostPosted: Nov 02, 2004 10:57 am
by aaronsmommy
This guy in LA has written about the most research on hg, it really is his specialty. I had a preconception appointment with him, but my work srewed up and I couldn't go so I don't know what he is like as a doctor, but I have heard him talk about hg at a conference, and my husband sent him email and he seems like he would be good.

Thomas Murphy Goodwin, MD
University Of Southern California's Women's Hospit
1240 North Mission Road
Los Angeles, California 90033