The Role of Moderators and Administrators on Our Forums

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The Role of Moderators and Administrators on Our Forums

Postby Forum Administrators » Oct 17, 2007 1:19 am

Your Moderator and Administrative Teams:

Our leadership is committed to keeping our HER forums running as smoothly and as welcoming as possible. We have two groups: folder/forum moderators and our forum administrators. We are all HG survivors and remain active in the HG community because providing support to those dealing with the effects of hyperemesis matters a great deal to us.

Our moderators are members who have volunteered to help out and usually work in a few different forums whose topics mirror their own experiences. Our moderators are here to offer support, welcome new members, move topics to more appropriate folders, and answer questions. They try to help direct to resources and information within the HER website. If a problem or concern arises in a particular folder, look to contact a moderator in that folder. Moderators for each forum are listed on the index page beneath the descriptions of those forums. When logged on, moderator names appear in green. Our moderators can be helpful in conflict resolution. If it is not a situation they can rectify, they will forward the issue to the forum administrators.

Our Administrative team is responsible for the general oversight and organization of the forums. This means also "enforcing the rules" when it comes down to it and changing and creating to policy and guidelines to best meet the ever-changing needs of our forums. In cases of forum abuse, the administrators reprimand/restrict accounts.

Our administrators' names appear in gray when we are logged in. We have an "open door" policy; if you have any questions or concerns we are here to help in any capacity that we can and you can PM or email at any time.

Our Administrative Team:
Aimee (username: aaronsmommy)
Angela (username: calleigbelle47)
Pamela (username: PamelaRose)
Teddi (username: Teddi)
Wendy (username: dwtegli)
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