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Postby Isba » Jul 03, 2008 9:55 am

Mrsmom, you ROCK!!!

What amazing family support your daughter has!

It really struck me what a difficult row to till your daughter has with everything that is going on with her body and mind. Please let her know we are thinking of her.

I am so glad she has all of you (your family)!

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Postby krdoty » Jul 03, 2008 4:43 pm

There is no need for you to apologize for going "on and on" to us. Seriously. We are here to support you as you are supporting your daughter through her HG. Plus, it's kind of nice to hear more than just the pertinent facts occasionally because that's how we really get to know you!

I agree with the others that it's worth considering Reglan as at least a partial cause of the increased anxiety. I can't say whether B6/Unison would be an appropriate substitution because I don't have a lot of experience with that combo. My suggestion was going to be to try pairing Phenergy with Zofran if that's not already been tried. That's what I know because that's what got me through.

I wouldn't rush to wean meds in general if she's still struggling at all. While it's never ideal to need medications during pregnancy, heading back into an HG spiral is certainly worse. I tried to wean my meds several times after having a run of good days, and I always regretted it. I can't imagine trying to wean while still struggling!
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Postby betsie » Jul 29, 2008 7:45 pm

WOW. I am a second time HGer and this time I am taking phenergan instead of regulan along with the Zofran. My homecare nurses did share with me that Regulan can cause severe depression. This would be something to look into since she already struggles with mental health. There are many combo meds to try along with the Zofran. I think the key is finding someone in your area that is knowledgable enough about it to get it right for your daughter. Good luck and just keep advocating on her behalf! She needs you more than ever now. Make sure she knows it's only one day at a time.....a lot of us don't wean off meds until well into the pregnancy...take it slow and she'll know when it's time.

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Postby Aileene » Jul 30, 2008 6:47 am


I think it is wonderful that you are able to be there and advocate for your daughter.

I too have Bi-polar, I don't fall into suicidal depression although I do get quite low at times. I tend to be a manic cycler...rapid cycling as you say your daughter is. I noticed at the end of your last post you mentioned making sure she gets enough sleep after the baby comes, I am sure you know that she needs to make sure she gets a good amount now as well.

With HG it is hard to find enough hours to get the right amount of sleep and get sick as well. So even if she is tired at 2pm, that is when she needs to lay down and sleep. I have found that when I don't get enough sleep, even when I am puking I will get quite manic.

My DH (second marriage and a better support system) and I made the decision 3 years ago to stop any medication for bi-polar because after a year of meds (lithium/depakote etc.) I couldn't stand the side- effects and wasn't getting 'well' enough on them to put up with the side effects. We have an agreement that if the Bi-polar gets to the point that we can't control it with rest, meditation and anti-anxiety meds (as needed) then we will re-evaluate this decision, so I didn't have to go off any meds when we went to get pregnant this time either.

I don't know if your daughter has more trouble with the depressive or manic side of things (or if they are equal) but I do know that HG can make things even harder to deal with, especially if she has any sort of guilt complex like I do, (I feel bad that I can't do anything for myself and it eats away at me when I let it, being sick and dehydrated makes it worse) It might be worth the trouble to try and find a therapist for her to talk to at this might be able to find one who after an initial visit or two might be able to help council over the phone/internet.

I still take the occasional anti-anxiety pill and continue to take a low dose of seroquel in the evening to make sure I sleep. I currently do not take the unisom therapy because of the seroquel. I can't take Reglan because of a reaction I have to it and Compazine (dystonic) so I can't speak as to the anxiety/depression issues that it may have (I last took it during my twin pregnancy about 11 years ago) but I do take Phenergan, if you look it up on wikipedia it is in the same class of drugs as thorazine which is also an anti-anxiety, as well as a n anti-emetic.

I also know that many women have received vistril (spelling?) IM injections that have helped as a boost to a med regime, I think you have to wait until the 2nd trimester for it though, but it is also and anti-anxiety that helps with nausea and vomiting. I used it during a hospital stay to supplement my Zofran because we were looking for something that would be as effective as Phenergan without the restless legs. I ended up back on the phenergan because it was easier to administer to myself at home with IVs and PICCs than an injection. I just upped my benedryl to 50mg every 4 hours, which helped with the restless legs and at night when restless legs get worse I take the benedryl about 30 minutes before the phenergan and then take my seroquel with the phenergan which knocks me out.

I don't know if you can get anything helpful out of my ramblings here, but if you have any questions about surviving pregnancy with Bi-polar and HG, I am currently going through my third.

I had severe post-partum depression after my first (twins, preterm delivery, bad marriage, only 17...lots of factors) with my daughter's delivery 2 1/2 year later I had some mild baby blues. This time around I have a different husband...a better husband and support system, but this is also an IVF pregnancy and because of certain emotional issues (detachment, irrational fears etc.) that weren't in the first two pregnancies has left me preparing a support system after this one, with people and doctors aware and ready to assist if I fall into another ppd episode. I think that you need to make sure that your daughter has a support system of some kind to watch for this eventuality.

It is important to find a doctor that will be aware of this, without attributing everything to the Bi-polar...HG needs to be take as a separate entity...I hope that came out clear.

Email or msg me if I didn't make myself clear enough or if you or your daughter has any questions or even if either of you simply want to vent/talk/cry about any of this.

Sorry for the long rambling...I hope I was able to help, or at least make you and your daughter feel less alone,

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