Welcome friends and families of Hypermesis Mums!

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Welcome friends and families of Hypermesis Mums!

Postby Chedasha » May 28, 2004 1:43 am

Hi there just a little about me and why I am here.

My Name is Kat and I live in Western Australia. My sister is 24 weeks pregnant with her first child (its a boy-yaaah)!! She has previousely about ten years ago had a molar pregnancy where she did have the same HG symptoms plus some but we put that down to the molar pregnancy. At six weeks this pregnancy she was feeling ill and under the weather and it became a downhill battle after that. She progressively got worse and at that stage I came to the internet thinking that cant be "normal" morning sickness can it?? I came across a few sites with info on HG and researched further. I ended up running information that I found up to the hospital to my sister and telling her what she had and what could be expected and what treatments could be offered. She in turn was on a good day of course able to tell her nurses and doctors what she had and what needed to be done. She was incredibly ill until about 14 and half weeks then literally overnight she was just "normal" m/s ill. She had a few throwup episodes since then and some seedy/tired days but she is no longer on medications but she does still have the excessive salivia spitting. She thinks this will go till the end of her pregnancy. She and we know she is one of the lucky ones in HG land though as many continue to suffer the extreme sickness much longer.

I currently live with my sister and her partner. We have always gotten along famousey my sister and I. I am to be at the birth of the bub even. She says for "comic relief'?? lol thats because the more I read the more my foot steps back out that room.

The reason I am moderating this section is for if you are a family member of someone suffering HG and you want to know what you an do to be supportive. If you just want validation that its real I am your person!!

Its great to be here and I hope many family members and friends can be helped in understanding HG and how it affects everyone.

take care
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Postby amoshhh » Jun 01, 2004 4:30 am

Hi I used to live in Western Australia also, my daughter grew up there, but we are back in Scotland.

She is having her first pregnancy, she is 14/15 weeks now. As i type this she is in the hospital on her second re-hydration session.

I get angry as I did what you did, on the Internet, finding out why she was so sick and poorly. I was not sick once!!

I did read that with HG it has a low precentage of miscarriages...

I am trying to take the little things that make you sweat out of her life, but they are not taking this HG as serious.....!!!!!

I have just spoken to her in hospital about 20 minutes ago, I asked her to ask the Dr to ensure she was getting multi vitamins in her IV.... she thinks I am being too pushy!

How does one cope with this?

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Postby Chedasha » Jun 01, 2004 5:31 am

Hi amoshhh
welcome and its great that you found your way here like I did.

Yes the battle with HG is frustrating. I suggest that you read some of the other sections of the site as Andy (IvyDragon) and Kimber have put up some FAQ and protocols on how to deal with HG. This will give you some valuable information to pass on to your daughter.

Dont let your daughter tell you you are too pushy. You have to be pushy with HG! Does she realise this is what she has??

You will see many posts refering to the use of Zofran here and this seems to bring about great relief or make the vomitting managable at the very least. My sister never actually got to take this as by the time we were getting places hers finished up.. well the severe severe part did.

But yes you must stay strong and gather all the information you can .. I found it uselful to pass on other stories to my sister. How others were coping how she was not alone.. how so and so on the site did this or that. So she really felt a kinship with her fellow sufferers and knew she had something "real". You must keep pushing with the medical proffession as they wont take it upon themselves to do anything.

But I do highly recommend reading those other posts here as they have valuable information about what other ladies have gone through and what they have done!!!

hope this helps some.. good luck.. I know how stressful it can be to be worrying and caring about someone with HG!!

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Postby Scott » Jul 12, 2004 6:43 pm

Hi Amoshh,Im in scotland too,Paisley!!

There does seem to be a severe lack of information passed onto anyone by doctors here :(

The most I was told,was its a type of morning sickness!I have been given no information at all on what to do,what it is,what causes it etc..etc..

I only found out about it when I found this site,my fiance is 12weeks now and in and out of hospital in for 5/6days,out for 1 or 2 :(

Just now I feel frustrated,tired,and helpless.

I know it will get better,its just a bit more to cope with atm than I had expected.
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Postby dwtegli » Jul 12, 2004 9:23 pm

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I live in the US and although my doc seems to be very knowledgeable about how to treat HG neither he nor the hospital ever gave me any tips on how to treat it or what to expect, or even what to do to feel better. I found out what I had when the ER sent a sheet with instructions for treating HG home with me and I started looking on the internet for information. Everything I have learned I have learned from this site and others. I don't fault my doc, because he is great. He is treating it very well and takes all my suggestions into consideration and lets me call the shots if I need to. I do plan to talk to him about giving women more info on HG in the future though.

I just wanted to point out that it seems to be a common thread that medical professionals either don't know about HG or if they do they don't let people suffering know about it.

I hope your fiance feels better soon. I admire the husbands and partners of HGers almost as much as I admire the women. THey suffer an awful lot also. My husband is absolutely fabulous and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Not all husbands are as concerned and worried as you seem to be.

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Postby Chedasha » Jul 13, 2004 6:56 am

Hi Scott
I know it can be hard to be the support to your fiance. You expect a glowing happy time with her being pregnant. Instead you get whapped up with Hyperemesis.

You are doing just great as you are being proactive and seeking out info and you are being understanding.

Just keep on learning information and passing it on. Its a testing time for all for sure as it can ruin the pregnancy experience. But just keep reading and learning I think thats the best you can do for y our fiance. Keep on supporting.

My sister started with hers at 6 weeks and at 15 week the severe form just literally went overnight. This was followed by good days and a few bad but she was no longer on medication and hasnt been since. She has thrown up a few times on and off since. Say once a week she has a throw up from heartburn and she has the excessive salivia still, so she spits all the time. There is hope on the horizon and I hope your finance is one of the "lucky" ones in HG land.

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12-13th week

Postby CharlesandKaren » Aug 30, 2004 6:41 pm


We are just under 15 wks pg. My wife experienced the normal nausea of the first trimester. Then, just when we thought it was going away, it got bad. Very bad. She started vomiting repeatedly for about 3-4 days. Finally, she threw up a little bit of blood, at which point we called an ambulance. They re-hydrated her and put her on Phernagan (25mg 4xd), Zofran, and Protonix. Since then, I've been researching almost non-stop about HG on the Net and trying to get information to help us out. We have a Dr's appt. tomorrow. We intend to grill him about H/G and what can we do about it.
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Postby Chedasha » Aug 31, 2004 9:08 am

Hi Charles

Im glad you found your way to the forum. There are many posts that have valuable information about HG. I would suggest reading them so you are armed with information for your Doc.

Its such a shame that your wifes HG has come on at this late stage. I wonder if any of the other woman have had it start at this stage. Im not sure. It usually seems to peak at the 12 week mark and then start to stabilise on some level. I hope that your wifes HG doesnt last long. But definately be informed. Rehydration is most important with HG so its great that they did that.

I found that being informed about this was the the most valuable thing I could do to support my sister. If we hadnt known what it was we would of been lost as what was happening.

You are being a great hubby!

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