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PostPosted: Sep 30, 2005 9:49 am
by Thisbattymom
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PostPosted: Oct 10, 2005 2:09 pm
by AStevens
I think for my LW and I, it has involved communication about feelings and knowing when not to communicate (upset, mad, while vomiting). It has also involved me resigning myself to the fact that I'll be on "step'n'fetch" duty for at least six more months. Once that sunk in, it made it easier to deal with and gave me a light at the end of the tunnel.

She's 11-12 weeks along and is having a miserable time of it. I've found myself not discussing things that I feel might make her mad, not eating around her (alot), but the biggest thing is just shutting up. I've learned when to just shut up....and rub her feet.


PostPosted: Oct 10, 2005 4:15 pm
by carla
I agree, silence can be so important. I know my dh picks up on my body language. When I look green and my head is down, he knows not to chat with me. One think that really helped us was going over a protocol together before hand. I have gladly put him in charge of everything. The bills, the house, the dogs, the doctors appointements, the US, the phone calls, everything. It has been easier for him this time because I have had no trouble just stepping back and letting him lead.

PostPosted: Dec 12, 2005 2:47 am
by merlinrat
I think for the most part I have it pretty easy. Granted, I do have a lot more responsability around the house since my DW is bed ridden. My main job is Bucket Brigade whenever she is done.

I really lucked out when it comes to moodiness. She hasn't gotten angry with me and we haven't really fought at all. We are actually talking better now than we did pre pregnancy. I think it has brought us closer together.

Tha hardest part for me is when she is sick at home and i am still at work. Her medical will not give her any more Zofran and nothing else really works all that well. She is also alergic to anything ion the same family as phenergan. The doctors want her to try unisom and B6 but no stores carry anything less than 50mg of b6.

I hate seeing her have to go through all this. We aren't sure if we want to have a second one. I mean, we want to but are scared with our first pregnancy still.

Thank you for reading this and sorry if I went too far off topic.


PostPosted: Dec 12, 2005 3:44 pm
by Ivydragon

The max of B6 in one day is 150mgs. The optimum way of taking the B6 is in 25-50mg doses spread out throughout the day. Get a pill splitter and she can take a 1/2 of a 50mg pill if you want to go that small, but she could take 50mgs three times a day w/o a problem. There is a post at the top of the First Trimester Forum all about B6/Unisom/Zofran.

Ok, what is their reasoning for not giving her any more Zofran? Many women are on Zofran throughout their pg. Phenergan allergy is common.

There will be time to decide if you want to suffer HG again a 2nd time after the pregnancy is over and you are holding a baby in your arms. You honestly don't have to decide in the midst of HG. One good thing my husband and I have learned from two bouts of HG, an adoption and an ectopic miscarriage is that the two of us can get through anything together, afterall, we survived HG.

Keep us updated,

Andy (Andrea)

PostPosted: Dec 12, 2005 5:47 pm
by merlinrat
The doctor never told us at first which amount of b6 to take and then when she was... not keeping it down they said that she shouldn't take so much.

Is it really ok that she isn't able to take the calnate?

Medical denied her claim because they said that there are more options for her to try. I just love how they skirt the real way that works and have her try all the crappy was that make her sick. They said that they want her to go to a cancer specialist and get them to prescribe it before they will give her any more for her pg. The point of the Zofran was because she couldn't keep anything else down. Since she is going to the ER every other week you would think they would weigh the costs.

thank you


PostPosted: Dec 12, 2005 5:57 pm
by Ivydragon
A cancer Dr. is not going to know anything about a pregnancy. Usually Drs. will ok a dose of Zofran and state that it's medically needed and the Ins. will cover it. Call the insurance and talk to someone above who you talked to before. I found in the past that you sometimes had to go up several layers before getting someone who even had the power to over-ride an automatic response.

What options are they requesting you try? Has she tried all of the options, yet? Sometimes you just have to go through all the meds to get to the one that works. If she has already had allergic reactions, that should be enough for her to not have to try them again. Your Dr. should be working with you to get her what she needs. Maybe you need a new Dr. as well?

It sounds like the Calnate is her prenatal. Many times HGers are sicker from taking their prenatal. I know I was into my 5th or 6th months of pregnancy before I could tolerate mine - before my Drs. even suggested I take them, really. She can get Vitamins into her IV when she goes in, she can get Zofran in her IV, and she can get B6 in an injection. There are options.

How much is she able to eat and drink? How long has she been forced off of Zofran?


PostPosted: Dec 15, 2005 8:25 pm
by merlinrat
Well, I have an update on my wife Brooke.

She is now taking a regiment of reglan, unisom and B6. It is working wonders for her. She actually has an appetite now.

The bad news is that she lost ten pounds in a week. The doctor is concerned but doesn't feel that the baby will be harmed so her focus is going to be on keeping Brooke healthy

Thank you,


PostPosted: Dec 15, 2005 9:50 pm
by Ivydragon
That is fantastic. How much B6/Unisom/Reglan is she on per day? The Reglan is designed to help speed food through her digestive tract. Watch for adverse reactions, especially restlessness.

Please keep me updated,