How can my daugher be helped???

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How can my daugher be helped???

Postby pinecone » Jun 04, 2012 10:48 am

My 25 year old daughter was diagnosed over a month ago. She's in her 8th month. She's been to the ER for IV's several times. She has days when she is able to eat, and has gained 20 lbs. She was finally given an anti-nausea drug that works, as well as Prozac. My son in law just informed me that she's stopped taking the Prozac, she's withdrawing, hasn't eaten in over a day and isn't drinking as much as she should. We (parents) live 500 miles away with health issues. We talked to her at length yesterday and she refused to go to the ER, even though she said it would probably help---she's been crying since yesterday.

It's like she just cannot do it anymore, doesn't want to do this anymore, is refusing to help herself. Last night we advised our son in law to call 911 which he did. However, she refused treatment so the paramedics couldn't do anything.

This pregnancy was not planned. Her husband has been extremely supportive. She just does not want to deal with the red tape of the ER/possible hospital admittance, even though she admits that she'll feel better if treated. She's a college graduate. Her OB appt. is Friday the 8th.

Perhaps I'm looking for encouragment, similar stories, suggestions on what else to do.....something to quell the panic.

Thank you for reading and again, any suggestions would be most welcomed.
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Re: How can my daugher be helped???

Postby aaronsmommy » Jun 04, 2012 9:40 pm

Do you think her ob/gyn might be able to convince her to go in? When you are sick and dehydrated it is very hard to think rationally. There were a couple of times when I refused to go to the hospital saying that I was just going to try to go to sleep and hope that I would feel better when I woke up. Thankfully, someone always was able to say the right thing to convince me to go in, and once I was hydrated I couldn't understand what I had been thinking.

You said she was diagnosed a month ago and is in her 8th month? Was she sick all along and nobody put a name to it before, or did it actually develop recently? Some people do get worse in the second trimester, but if it didn't at least start in the first trimester, the vomiting is much more likely to be due to something other than hyperemesis. Vomiting that develops in the late second, early third trimester is not hyperemesis (and people have had things like brain tumors causing nausea and been misdiagnosed as hyperemesis).

Do you know what medication she is taking for nausea? Reglan (metaclopromide) is one that can cause depression and other mood problems, if that is what she is taking, then they need to find something else. Remeron is a medication that works for both nausea and depression (it is an antidepressant that also works in a similar way to Zofran (ondansetron), and might be something to think about for her.

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Re: How can my daugher be helped???

Postby DebbieS » Jun 04, 2012 10:23 pm

When we are sick and dehydrated it can be very hard to muster up the energy to do anything - apathy takes a life of its own, and we run out of fight. The times we are at our worst mentally are the times we are dehydrated. A couple of ideas which her husband might try - him taking the responsibility of the "hard stuff" at ER -form filling, all the talking & staying with her. Sometimes going in the morning can be easier - ER is often quieter then. Husband ringing the OB & to try for an earlier appointment & go in with her to it. Also staying with her at home, offering sips of liquid regularly, meds when it's time etc. Keep on encouraging her with the benefits of going in - she will feel better for it, physically and mentally, it also gives her a break from fighting to keep down enough.
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Re: How can my daugher be helped???

Postby MariaJanette » Feb 24, 2015 9:21 pm

Hi My daughter is a 11 weeks pregnant and has been told she has HG. She's been to the emergancy room now 4 times and she's suffering so much and is depressed. She's to the point that she's considering terminating her pregnancy. I don't know what else to do. I don't know how to help her. I'm with her all day and run out when she gets a craving for something to eat because I know it won't last long and I try to make her as comfortable as possible. Please I'm desperate for advice. I would love to speak with women that have gone through this to see if they can speak with her so she doesn't feel so alone because I know as much as I try she doesn't feel I do. Blessings
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