Worried about daughter in uk and me in oz

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Worried about daughter in uk and me in oz

Postby Vicki skow » Jan 17, 2014 4:39 am

My daughter is in the uk and I am in Australia she is married to a British man who does not work she is a nurse . We were so excited when she was pregnant finally last year at 5 weeks she developed hg was hospitalised 5 times lost 8 kgs and finally lost the baby at 11 weeks I felt helpless being over here. When she had really no support. She is 32 and desperately wants a child. I thought she was going to die with the hg. Will she get it again and what can I do to help her next time ???
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Re: Worried about daughter in uk and me in oz

Postby DebbieS » Jan 17, 2014 7:23 am

While there is a good chance she could get HG again next time, properly treated, it doesn't have to be dangerous. Preparation before getting pregnant again can make a lot of difference. Eg Researching what treatment options are available, developing a treatment protocol, finding a medical team (GP & OB) who agree on the protocol/meds beforehand. The best way to manage HG is to treat it early - eg starting on meds as early as possible, going in for fluids earlier. By keeping on top of meds (changing meds or doses as symptoms increase) it can delay the onset or reduce the severity of HG. Finding Drs who agree with this philosophy (many want to use meds/hospital as a last resort only) is difficult. The meds/treatments available in the UK are different to those in Australia or the US. Your daughter's nursing experience could help her work out how to get the best treatment from the public health system.
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