HG with chronic kidney stones/ureter scarring?

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HG with chronic kidney stones/ureter scarring?

Postby moriah » Jan 15, 2016 12:20 am

In my sister's last pregnancy, she had severe HG, only got back to pre-pregnancy weight at about delivery (two months premature). During the pregnancy, my niece, having little room in Sis's tiny body to expand, sat on her right ureter.

This required a stent, which has left strictures and scarring in that ureter. They found a great doc who was able to manage her pain and know which drugs were safest for Dahlia. She's a healthy, happy nearly three year old who didn't experience discontinuation syndrome (they were scared because she came earlier in the tapering down process than expected).

Since the pregnancy, stent, and removal of the stent, her previously manageable stones have progressed to a situation where microstones -- sludge or sand, essentially -- cause her nearly as much pain as a full-size stone. She was in for another attack of renal colic when they learned she was pregnant. Extremely high HCG levels for ultrasound date, but they finally did see a heartbeat at 6w3d. Renal colic does give her extreme nausea anyway, but with proper pain control she can eat and hold down liquids. But she couldn't.

She was admitted to the hospital on the 7th, discharged mainly because insurance didn't want to pay for any more care in the same admission on Monday afternoon. Since discharge she has lost 7 lbs -- all the IV fluids they had in her are gone, and instead of discharging her with any other method of delivery for her medications, all were pills. It's 3 lbs down from prior to her admission. Everything is just bouncing.

We have found some folic acid/b6/b12 sublinguals, and fortunately she likes crystallized ginger (though it burns coming back up). I finally have her sleeping (at my house for post-hospital recovery) tonight, but she's producing little urine and I couldn't find any ketone testing strips.

We're probably heading to the ER in the morning or when she wakes up tonight. But how can I get them, if they don't admit her again and just send her home after some fluids, to prescribe at least anti-emetics that don't have to be administered PO????

Any other advice would be appreciated....
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Re: HG with chronic kidney stones/ureter scarring?

Postby Edward Charette » Sep 05, 2016 6:03 am

Pregnancy related changes increase the risk of stone formation. drink lost fo water, from teh stone passed make a detailed study in the laboratory as to the cause of it.
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Re: HG with chronic kidney stones/ureter scarring?

Postby SharonMCovert » Sep 06, 2016 11:30 pm

Drink plenty of water and consult a good doctor...
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