School punishing my daughter for having HG

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School punishing my daughter for having HG

Postby scatteredgrapes » Nov 11, 2016 9:46 am

Hi, I am actually new here and am desperate for help. I'm sure this will be long so I will just apologize now... My daughter is almost 15 and due in May 2017. They have accused her of forcing herself to vomit because she was dry heaving and also accused her of faking (the principal was actually glad to tell me when I asked him if it was true that he did indeed ask her if she was faking). He physically blocked her from leaving a room by standing in the doorway when she wanted to call me (I was actually on the phone with him but on hold when this happened), he demanded that she leave the door open when she went to the sink to spit out saliva and then told her that saliva had nothing to do with nausea. He told her that since she was 13 weeks (last week) that she shouldn't even be having morning sickness. These two men (vice principal and principal) are very ignorant when it comes to pregnancy and one even based his assumptions on the previous pregnancy of his wife). The truancy officer is like a bulldog with a bone. All she can spit out of her mouth is the law says she needs to be in school. I have asked repeatedly for help in getting her educated at home when she cannot be present in school and they absolutely refuse.
She is actually doing an online program through the school but the kicker is that they demand that the students be physically present at the school to do it. They falsely claim that they have no way of knowing how long she did the work online. Yet, she did this same exact program for part of the 7th grade and she did it at home. The teacher was able to see when she logged in, how long she was logged in, the work she completed, the pretests, mastery tests, and grades. They have set it up this way at the high school (they have told me) because of the investigation into ecot and their inability to demonstrate how long the students were online. I never asked for her to do the entire program at home, I've only asked that she be able to do so during the days/weeks when she is so ill that she can't get her head out of a bucket.
I've actually driven her to school (for nearly 2 weeks) while she was dry heaving and vomiting bile. She walked down their hallway gagging and heaving and still they demanded that she stay. Then they complain that she spends to much time in the nurses resting room or the dark conference room when the nurse is not there. My daughter was so distraught over the way they treated her that the next day she hid in the bathroom to text me rather than go to the office to ask for her meds. I am angry and disgusted with the way they are treating her but I am trying to get them to help rather than make things worse. They don't seem to understand that this is a complication and believe that she is faking or exaggerating because of her age.
I was also informed yesterday while 4 of them were here in an attempt to force her to go to school that they would be filing charges against us because I refused to allow them to take her. I'm disgusted that this can happen in this country and I'm angry that they are permitted to abuse and harm my child or any other child this way. They actually had the audacity to tell me that they can take care of her at school while she is nauseated and vomiting. In their opinion, if there is no vomiting, then she can handle the nausea. Even medication doesn't always help her and when it does, it only lasts for a few hours and she is back to feeling so retched. There are times (every day but always during the first few hours of the day and then at different times throughout the day) that even moving causes her nausea to increase. I've contacted several organizations for help but I don't know if they will have time to help us before we are actually charged... Sorry this is so long. Very emotional. Very confused as to how this is even possible in this country...
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