Can we have a private OT folder or a debate folder?

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Can we have a private OT folder or a debate folder?

Postby teddi » Jul 25, 2007 1:29 pm

The suggestions of creating a "private" or hidden folder for long time or established members have been read and considered. The purpose of this post is to clarify for EVERYONE and it was not a result of any one thread or threads or any one person.

With the setup our forums have it is not logistically feasible to create a new "private/reserved" like folder that is restricted just for some users. There is not going to be a new entire set of users set up for access to one additional folder for use. If we did that, aside from the tremendous amount of time and headache to manage access to we are then left with a decision of exclusion for who would and wouldn't get into that folder. Over the course of time it's been decided we want an welcoming and inclusive forum.

The idea of a "debate" folder was also discussed and decided against- there are just other places on the net for that, and this our ~Hyperemsis~ home and community. These are support boards for a medical disease. That is our primary focus and even seemingly innoculous debate can degenerate into hurtful and threatening content.

The "Life" folder has been around for over two years now. As you know, the Life folder and the TTC folders were changed be viewable only when you are logged in with a registered account. The reason is that it does provide us with some form of privacy to the members who are actively posting-and truly the Life folder is to benefit our registered members. It was a great addition to the forums, and a response to the change and growth the HER forums have experienced in the past two years.

We could all think of things that would make this OUR ideal forum, but we also have to remember something: we have people coming to this site daily, who read and never join as a member. These support boards help them and meet their needs. We have members who join and just benefit from reading and never do post- again, simply reading what others have shared, meets their need for support. We keep the needs of the silent majoritywho never do registered, those who may only rarely post, as well as long time members on the forums in mind as well.

What makes our forums such a terrific success is that we are loving, accepting, compassionate, and willing to help other families enduring HG. So many of you who were just originally user names on a screen are now good friends- some had the pleasure of meeting in "real life" or talk to in person. None of us- administrators or moderators want to see anyone hurt. That may not feasible but that is our goal. We share one thing - hyperemesis, and outside of that we are as unique as the global community that we are accessible to.

We welcome everyone here in search of support or education about Hyperemesis.
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