Anxiety Disorder in my two children after HG

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Anxiety Disorder in my two children after HG

Postby looking for hope » Oct 03, 2017 8:09 pm

I am looking for help. I had HG with my son (now 12) I was on zofran and sick the full 9 months. I had HG again with my daughter (now 9) I was so sick I put on TPN with no real food for 7 months and pumped full of med to keep me alive as I dropped upwards of 65lbs. Moving on to today. My son has anxiety and depression and my daughter is in the process of finding the right medication to stabilize her aggressive mood swings, anxiety and depression. My daughter is explosive, dangerous to herself and others at times. When she was younger there were signs of anger but I had her in child therapy thinking it was bad parenting. I have been informed this is not parenting. I am hoping I am not alone, are there other mothers with HG children with the same experiences?
My daughter was recently taken off Zoloft and the Psychiatrist wants to move her to Celexa. She is 9 and I am worried if I don't do this she will be removed from my home and hospitalized. Has anyone dealt with this with they HG children? Has anyone had their young daughter on Celexa?

I need help! People who have never had HG do not understand how hard it was to be pregnant and sick, pumped full of meds to keep us both alive. I made choices while I was pregnant I fear hurt my children and have caused long term effects :(
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