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I will be using the HER site for thesis research-NEW UPDATE

PostPosted: Feb 27, 2011 9:23 pm
by AndreaMMS
Hello, everyone.

A bit of background:

HER was literally a lifesaver for me, both through medical information and just as importantly through the incredible emotional support I received from so many women on the forum boards. I had two severe HG pregnancies, and my daughters are now five and two and a half. I am emailing this because am doing research for my thesis.

I haven't been active on the HER boards for a while, so I'm not sure you'll remember me. My name is Andrea ("andreaMMS"). I suppose my HER claim to fame was being interviewed on the Today show as an example of someone who was going through HG at the time that they were filming the segment.

In 2009 I went back to school to get a Masters in Drama Therapy from NYU. Eventually I will become a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) and I very much want to work with women who have been through traumatic pregnancies- HG particularly. I will be working on my thesis for the next six months or so. I am beginning that process now. My final "purpose statement" is still being considered, but the main idea is: to use a grounded theory narrative to discover how drama therapy can be utilized as effective treatment for maternal survivors of traumatic pregnancies.

Why I'm posting now:

I also want to educate my peers on HG, and on the struggle that can ensue when emotionally healing from something that is so horrible...and horribly misunderstood by most people. I want to use the "voices" of women on this board to get points across in the most compelling and memorable way possible. According to the NYU Internal Review Board anything posted online is not technically "private," so I don't need to get permission from the authors. I didn't have to even let people know I'm doing this since public websites aren't protected by privacy laws, but I think that's shady. Out of respect for HER and everything it did for me I want to let people know I'm around doing research. I will be reading along and perhaps quoting peoples comments. I can assure the membership that A)I will be extremely careful not to use any identifying information. and B) as requested by a Forum Administrator I will not use anything from the "Life" or "Trying to Conceive" folders, as they can be seen by registered users only.

I also want people to let me know that if you do not want me quoting their posts or paraphrasing your story. I would honor that. You could contact me through the site's PM system. So again, it's a matter of people telling me "don't use anything I say" or not responding at all to me, which I will consider their having given me their approval.

I passionately love this site and continue to be inspired by you incredible women. I hope this project is the beginning of my being able to help other women heal, just as HelpHER did me.

Thanks so much,


PostPosted: Feb 27, 2011 10:29 pm
by AndreaMMS
In case anyone is curious about what drama therapy is:

Drama therapy is defined by the National Association for Drama Therapy as "the systematic and intentional use of drama/theater processes, products, and associations to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration and personal growth." Drama therapy is an active approach that helps the client tell his or her story to solve a problem, achieve a catharsis, extend the depth and breadth of inner experience, understand the meaning of images, and strengthen the ability to observe personal roles while increasing flexibility between roles.

Drama therapy evolved from the experience and research of psychotherapists, teachers, and theater professionals who recognized that sometimes traditional verbal therapies were too rigid to permit clients to confront and work through individual disturbances. The balanced verbal and non-verbal components of drama therapy with its language of metaphor allow clients to work productively within a therapeutic alliance.

The National Association for Drama Therapy (NADT) was incorporated in 1979 to establish and uphold high standards of professional competence and ethics among drama therapists; to develop criteria for training and credentialing; to sponsor publications and conferences; and to promote the profession of drama therapy through information, education, and advocacy.

It is the responsibility of all Registered Drama Therapists to adhere to the profession's ethical, moral, and legal standards as prescribed and accepted by the association and its membership. These standards cover principles of accountability, competence and confidentiality in treatment, supervision, and research.

Registered Drama Therapists are trained in theater arts, psychology, and psychotherapy. Training includes improvisation, puppetry, role-playing, pantomime, mask work, and theatrical production. Training in psychology and psychotherapy includes theories of personality, group process, and supervised clinical experience with a broad range of populations. The association supports the study of drama therapy through graduate programs in accredited colleges or universities and also through the NADT approved Alternative Training Program. Courses of study are evaluated by the association's Education Committee and the NADT Board of Examiners.

NADT maintains a registry of drama therapists who have met the educational and clinical practice standards designated for professionals. The Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) title is awarded drama therapists who have a master's degree which includes 500 hours of drama/theater experience, 300 hours of on-site internship in drama therapy with at least 30 hours of supervision by a RDT (or other registered creative arts therapist or credentialed master's-level mental health professional), and 1000 paid hours of drama therapy experience.

Drama therapy benefits many client populations and is used in a variety of settings. These include psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities, day treatment centers, nursing homes, centers for the physically/developmentally/learning disabled, substance abuse treatment, schools, businesses, and correctional facilities. Some populations served include children with learning and social difficulties, the developmentally delayed, psychiatric patients, the disabled, substance abusers, AIDS patients, and those with disorders associated with aging.

Goals are determined by the needs of each population. Some specific benefits likely to be achieved in drama therapy are reducing feelings of isolation, developing new coping skills and patterns, broadening the range of expression of feelings, experiencing positive interactions, and developing relationships.

Published research studies include assessment tools, statistically-based measurements, role play tests, and assessments using puppets with children. Current outcome studies are descriptive, using the case study method.

Drama therapy is a health and human service profession that dynamically and effectively addresses the needs of people from young children to the elderly. It can be used in the assessment and treatment of individuals, couples, families, and groups. Drama therapists may be the primary or adjunctive therapist within a treatment team, depending on the needs of the institution and the individual. Drama therapy is firmly rooted in a belief in the healing power of drama.


PostPosted: Jan 01, 2012 9:51 am
by AndreaMMS
Hello everyone!

As part of my masters thesis I have written a arts-based-research piece (in the form of a one-woman theatrical piece) on HG and learning to emotionally process the experience and integrate it in an emotionally healthy way by using theories and techniques from drama therapy and psychology.

Here is my original posting about starting this process:

The performance of my show is set on January 26 at 8pm in NYC. If anyone is interested in attending (no admission fee!), please contact me and I will give you the details.

I have not been posting on here since beginning this project as it was not considered kosher for me to participate in the forums as I was doing my research.

I will post my script soon for anyone who would like to see it, as well as my academic research paper as soon as I finish it.

You ladies are amazing and inspire me every day!!!



PostPosted: Feb 06, 2012 8:40 am
by AndreaMMS
The thesis performance was a great success and I have been invited to perform it again at The Women's Program at Columbia University Medical Center for the mental health professionals (who treat women after traumatic pregnancies) and possibly the staff OB/GYN's. It is being framed as an educational presentation to give them insight into the physical and emotional experience of having HG, and from emotionally healing from it after the baby is born.

Take THAT, HG!!!!

PostPosted: Feb 08, 2012 3:00 pm
by joy_g
thanks for doing this -- what an awesome advocacy tool!

PostPosted: Feb 08, 2012 6:04 pm
by AnneCan
Can you come here and present it to my doctors, co-workers, friends, and family please :)

Re: I will be using the HER site for thesis research-NEW UPD

PostPosted: Oct 10, 2017 4:52 am
by durgaprasadzone
thas for info...