pregnant with baby no 3. help with medication? in the uk!

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pregnant with baby no 3. help with medication? in the uk!

Postby angiepangie2809 » Jun 05, 2010 3:25 pm

Hi all.
my name is Angie. i am 33 years old and currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby number three.
i had bad HG with my first pregnancyfrom 6 weeks pregnant....was hospitalised and on drips ect ect 5 times throughout the pregnancy. vrious medications ect. my daughter from that pregnancy is now 12 years old.

my second pregnancy i had bad HG again from 6 weeks pregnant. docs more proactive with treatment but was still very sick..avoided hospital though. my son from that pregnancy just turned 1 yr old last month.

i am currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby number three and so far i am feeling normal...however that 6 week mark is coming up soon and i am anticipating being ill again very soon.

ive been taking vitamin b6 for the past few months. i take 30 mgs morning, 25 mgs afternoon and 25mgs this dosage ok? i just cant find any infor about vitamin b6 and HG and the correct doses.
also i went to see my gp this week to confirm the pregnancy and to have a chat about meds for HG.
i asked him about zofran but he had never heard of it before so he searched for it in his medicine book and he said there is no info in there regarding its safety in pregnancy so he couldnt comment. and that a consultant would have to make that sort of decision. . problem is i am now waiting for my booking in appointment with the midwife and the form i had to fill in for her to contact me states that the midwife will not be in contact until a pregnant woman reaches 8 weeks plus so how the hell am i going to get in at the hospital to see a consultant?
am getting realy worried as my son is still a baby, i cant be ill as he needs me.
any advice ladies at all? just unsure what to do.
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Postby E-Mom » Jun 05, 2010 7:40 pm

First, Congratulations! Welcome.

There are definitely UK women here. I hope they find your post here.

My strong advice is to somehow get your hands on Zofran. Whether you have to go back to the doctor, mid-wife, switch practices etc. I started taking Zofran at the first sign of nausea and it's really kept the HG at bay. This is the best pregnancy so far, and I've been the most pro-active.

I am not a doctor or scientist, but Zofran is a drug that most of the women on this site have taken. I took it with my first two, perfectly healthy kids (ages 3 and 1). I'm currently taking 24-32 mg of Zofran a day with my third pregnancy and feel comfortable with it.

Did your doctor offer any other remedies or ideas?
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Postby stephensmam » Jun 09, 2010 3:48 pm

Hi Hon congratulations firstly , secondly the only way to get to see a consultant sooner is to go into casualty but you have to be already bad for that to happen or why dont you ring up you consultants secretary and explaine the situation and get an earlier appt, or why dont you ring the consultant you had on you previous children can you afford to go private just for a consultation ? then you can go back to nhs, I hope you get this sorted soon , Oh by the way I took zofran and b6 and steroids on my second pregnance and my daughter is fine .
Good Luck
lots of love and hugs Jacqueline
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Postby Natalie » Jun 10, 2010 4:48 pm

Hi Angie,

Congrats on your pgy!

Have you read the sticky at the top of this folder? It answers quite a few of the questions you asked in your OP.

Info. on Vitamin B6 is in a sticky in the first tri folder, I think it is up to 150mg daily. Long term high doses are not safe but as far as I'm aware, you are not in that league at 80mg daily.

Ondansetron (Zofran) is available and yes, it does tend to be a Consultant only prescribed drug and not all consultants will prescribe it. Some are happier to write a script than others. Mine was not too happy about prescribing it to me and although I did have quite a bit as an inpatient, the medical team I was under preferred me to have steroids as an alternative when I was out of hospital (which was hardly ever in the first tri lol). I used them in addition to 8 other meds during the second tri before I found the correct combination for me. I must say, the Ondansetron was fantastic but the steroids were good too. Just not quite as good. And remember, you may need a combination of drugs / doses before you find something that works for you.

Preemptive treatment has been shown to have a beneficial effect so if I were you, I would go back to your GP and get a prescription for something - one of the first line meds to start with or maybe a combination.

As you fall in between the cracks of not been admitted but not seen the mw yet either, your first port of call is your GP who can get you admitted to hospital should you need it or via A & E if it is out of hours and you're desperate. Let's hope you don't get that bad!

Congrats again, GL and keep us posted :-)

Natalie, x
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Re: pregnant with baby no 3. help with medication? in the uk

Postby c600 » Nov 06, 2016 6:36 am

From what I can gather up to 100mg of b6 is considered safe, however, one study said that up to 500 was. The standard dose is usually 75mg. I have been taking b6 with success on some days, although I still have terrible days and I still need to rest a lot. Doctors in the UK are very reluctant to provide zofran here because of the cost. It's a very expensive drug.
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Re: pregnant with baby no 3. help with medication? in the uk

Postby c600 » Nov 12, 2016 8:16 pm

Your midwife will not prescribe medication. Only your GP or a consultant can do that. Because of your HG when you book with the midwife you should be under consultant lead care. 76mg is the minimum recommended dose for HG. If you are still really ill you can up it to 200mg. I take b6 with my regular medication )metaclopromide/reglan) and 1,100mg of ginger daily, I find that this really helps. Zofran is a brand name for odansetron. Next time you see your doctor ask for odansetron. Zofran is expensive to prescribe but generic odansetron works the same and it's cheaper for the NHS.
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