Preparing for baby number 2

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Preparing for baby number 2

Postby Marylou » Nov 01, 2010 10:05 am

Hi ladies, just a few questions about starting it all again with number 2. I haven't quite made my mind up yet, but we've always wanted 2 DCs and am thinking maybe in a year or so I'd like to try and have another. I feel like I'm mad to consider it but we don't want to have an only child. The thought of being pregnant fills me with absolute dread but I can't get away from the thought of another baby!

Anyway, after an appalling time last time with doctors refusing to prescribe anything until it was too late and I'd stopped being so sick (about 6 months along), I've recently paid a visit to two doctors to check the situation out now we've moved to a different area. I thought I'd be prepared, explain the situation and hope to get some support before I get pregnant, rather than dragging myself off in the midst of throwing up. I was looking for a promise of some drugs for if the same thing happens again.

They were pretty unsympathetic to be honest. Basically I was fobbed off with "we don't like to prescribe anything because Thalidomide was supposed to be safe and wasn't", "it depends what risk you want to take with the baby", "maybe we can let you have something after 12 weeks and the limbs have formed". I cannot cope again without drugs. I have DS to look after and I cannot be in the same state for months on end. It does not help to emotionally blackmail me when I had a genuine illness and want some support for when I get it again. Yes, I got off lightly compared to some ("only" being sick 15 times a day for the first 4 or 5 months, but constant 24 hour nausea up till then and 12 hours a day until 8 months). I may be worse next time.

Sorry to rant but is this all I can expect from the NHS? Should I go and see more doctors or do I have to wait until in the middle of my illness before they might agree to give me something. Maybe I'm being too pushy but I can't bear the thought of not having any drugs again and want to make sure I have a safety net before I can even consider becoming pregnant.
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Postby samarpana » Nov 01, 2010 9:42 pm

Since they said: "it depends on what risk you want to take with the baby", then it sounds like you might be able to demand medication early? Maybe you can tell them you are choosing to take the risk and be aggressive about it?
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Postby katekate » Nov 02, 2010 7:52 am

I'm sorry you've seen two unsympathetic doctors. But don't feel defeated I'm sure there will be some GPs out there willing to prescribe at least the basics (cyclizine or promethazine, metoclopramide).

I had the most success with getting meds early after asking my GP to refer me to a gynaecologist at the hospital for a pre-pregnancy planning outpatients appointment. He wasn't very happy about it (said it wasn't the best use of NHS resources and there was nothing more that they could have done differently to first time around - in my opinion my first HG pregnancy was managed pretty poorly by my GPs) but he did refer me in the end. That way I got to see someone more experienced with HG who was not scared to prescribe the medication I needed. Once the GP had a letter from the consultant about what meds to prescribe he was happy to continue the supply. Is this something you can ask your GP to do for you?

If all else fails you could buy some of the commonly used meds without a prescription although it will involve some deceit! - Pharmacists can't sell you cyclizine or promethazine (Avomine travel sickness tabs) if they know it is for a pregnant patient. You might also be able to get hold of some doxylamine if you know anyone who is going to the USA - my friend bought mine for me whilst on holiday. Some European countries also sell it without a prescription. Pyridoxine is used with it and you can buy this from Boots (10mg tabs).

Best of luck,

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Postby SCUK » Nov 02, 2010 10:31 am


I think you are being really sensible researching all your options, and building a good support network and pregnancy plan before trying for no. 2. and am so sorry you have had such unsympathetic responses from the doctors you have visited.

Like the other ladies have suggested, don't give up if this is what you want. I would suggest you try more doctors, or go the route Kate has suggested. At this moment, being 18 weeks pg I have decided I cannot go through this again, but I know I have a very sympathetic GP who has already started telling me how she would treat me early if I did get pregnant again, so there are some good GP's out there, I just hope you find one. It would be useful to have a database of supportive GPs.

However you decide to approach it, I wish you luck.

S x
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Postby Marylou » Nov 03, 2010 8:38 am

Thanks for that, some very useful ideas.

Basically then, I will just keep pestering them. There are 9 of them in the practice so 2 down, 7 to go. I did warn the two I've seen about it that I'll keep trying until I find someone supportive, even if I have to go to different practices. Once they realise I'm going to keep taking up their appointment slots, I might get a better response.

If I find they are being unsympathetic then I'll ask them to refer me for an outpatient appointment.

The list of how to get some of the medications is very handy, thank you!
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Postby angielizzy » Nov 06, 2010 5:26 pm

I keept going back to my gp and saw every dr going but it was no much help. I got told it was very unlikly to happen again and ther is nothing they can do unless it does (i wanted pre emptive meds) i found a gp who said he would give me stemital if i was sick at all and saw him as soon as i got my bfp. I ended up going to a&e when it started to get bad other than gp
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