New HG website in UK and new national support network

Welcome to a special place for mothers who live in the UK to discuss HG and pregnancy. Each part of the world has unique health care systems and challenges. We hope this helps you connect with others who can be the best support for you! Don't forget - we always welcome your participation in our online research and your help as a volunteer or by submitting a HG-friendly doctor/consultant.

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New HG website in UK and new national support network

Postby MOH100 » Jul 25, 2011 9:31 am

Hi all

Hi to all sick UK mums. I'm an HG sufferer from a family of sufferers and I was so upset by the lack on information in the UK that I set up my own website with contributions from mums on the mumsnet HG support forum. The address is

There's practical advice from those who've been through it about coping strategies, things to try eating and drinking etc. There's a section on treatments, including tips on what to do if your doctor refuses to medicate. There's also a section on research with links to research papers and published treatment protocols that you can print off and take to your doctor. There's also some papers on research which shows that HG is NOT a psychological condition. I can't show all full text versions on the website for copyright reasons, but if anyone wants any pdf's just message me or submit a form on the 'your comments' page of my website and I'll send them to you.

I'm also involved in a group who are establishing a UK support network for sufferers working in partnership with the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support ( The idea is that you can request contact by phone or email from someone in your local area, someone who knows how you feel and will NOT just advise you to try ginger bloody biscuits. They may also be able to advocate for you with your doctor/hospital. You can access this by submitting a request on the UK support network page of the website, you can either request support or volunteer. There's a new facebook group as well at where you can also offer to volunteer or ask for support.

There are places in the UK where you can get good treatment for HG - they're few and far between, but they do exist and they show the way. When your doctor tells you that there's nothing they can give you, or it's all in your mind, their advice is several decades out of date and they should be ashamed of their own ignorance. When your doctor tells you that you can't get ondansetron in the UK, it's not true. When your doctor tells you that you can't get any meds in the first trimester, it's not true. Join the network, let's push for change so that our daughters don't have to suffer what we did.
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Postby Rosao » Jul 31, 2011 2:54 am


I'm involved in a support site in the Netherlands ( for HG. We have something like you system of helping one another. You can email women who have been through HG to ask for support during the pregnancy or just to ask a few questions.
We are just in the beginning (working about a year like this and are getting a few requests) and are still quite informal. I really want to formalise our buddy network, also to guarantee a certain quality for the women asking help. But I'm unsure where to begin.
I would like to know more about how you are setting up things (if you like to share!). You can also contact me on
If you like we could swap research about HG etc. I have come across some recent things about genetics (the one here on the site, but also one from norway). And an article about ptsd after HG.

I will put your site in our link section :)

Bye Rosa
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