HG in the UK

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HG in the UK

Postby joanna81 » May 14, 2012 12:49 pm

I am Gosh, I don't even know. 10 weeks I think. I need to re-book my booking in, as I was in hospital and missed the appointment.
I am prescribed cyclizine and ondansetron(this seems to be difficult to get, I must be lucky I was given it in my last pg and requested it when re-admitted. I know it is expensive, but good! Not one of the hyperemsis ladies got prescribed it in the hosp) also forti-sip(this again uncommon, its been a God send!!)
I am struggling, I feel so lonely.
Though I do have my up times(at the moment evenings are somewhat OK)
Typing is hard, so this is short.
Anyone else in the sunny UK?
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Re: HG in the UK

Postby Mumsdream » Aug 08, 2012 4:04 pm

I am sorry only reading this now Joanna. I hope you are ok!
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Re: HG in the UK

Postby jessshakespeare » Aug 20, 2012 5:01 am

Hello both of you. Hope you are feeling better now Joanna! If not I should be around for a while!
We're a bit thin on the ground us UK bods I think.
I've had two HG pregnancies, one 16 years ago, one in 2010-11. Just about to TTC for the third time. Eeeeeeeek. I hadn't really thought about it but am now starting to feel sick just reading about it. Anyhoooo, what I am reading suggests I should attempt to get some treatment in advance of pregnancy. Hmmm, if I know my doctor I think that's unlikely. Her favourite phrase is 'I wouldn't worry about it'. Not sure how good we are at pre-emptive treatment in the UK, although my experience last time was generally good. If you understand that to mean as soon as I got sick I ended up in hospital but that the docs and midwives were very supportive :D Wish me luck xx
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Re: HG in the UK

Postby LoveMyBump » Sep 18, 2012 12:05 pm

Hiya , I'm in totally same boat been admitted five times to hosp an also have a little girl who going through those terrible toddler years and still now on 26th week i am still having to take ordansetron three times a day which I refuse to wean myself off due to soon as I ran out I became so sick and ended up in ambulance back on ward back on iv fluids and that painful cyclizine being injected in my vains which leaves me with sore limbs and yet my sickness still couldn't be controlled so had to also have iv ordansetron to get it under control but still theres no information on this hell we go through , just given out the if need be just gota come hosp I mean how frustrating it is is basically unreal questioning why do I feel that I might aswell live in bathroom next to the loo for rest my pregnancy comes to mind but is so not fair on my daughter at the age of two and a half to run off an bring me my sick bowl soon as i mention that i feel sick she shouldnt be doing that at all which i feel so guilty for fact i bearly can sit and play with her with out running to the bathroom its not fair on my child at all and feel like a bad mum for it. I think we as mums to be should be entitled to more care with hg cause I'm basically house bound most the time and god forbid having an scan early morning it kills me cause sitting on that bus I fear what I know is likely to happen soon as I get that lump in my throat having to force yourself not to be sick is horrendous so I basically just don't go out unless need be cause I feel so anxious and disgusting site to the public. So depressed but hg for ya least got my baby girl to keep me going and the thought of relief soon as she's born those months are so easy compared to pregnancy with hg love that feeling of relief and peace soon as baby's born healthy and well and pregnancy is over no more falling asleep with head on toilet seat lol gota laugh cause cryed more than its rained this summer so far!.
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Re: HG in the UK

Postby Angelstar1UK » Jan 24, 2013 5:17 pm

Hi all,

I am the mum of an HG sufferer. I watched my daughter slowly fading away every day in hospital. She wasn't eating or drinking anything, no one seemed to be taking her seriously. I spoke to the nursing staff and asked them at what point was someone going to step in and do something other than give her a saline drip, I was informed that they had never seen a pregnant mum tube fed and she would get better soon. 4 days later she was rushed to intensive care and almost died, her body was shutting down. My daughter is now 22 weeks and back home, she had a consultants visit last week and the consultant advised her to start weaning herself off the anti sickness tablets that she has been on since she came out of hospital just before Christmas, she did so and, starting being sick again, so has gone back on them, for the first 2 days she was sick as soon as she took the tablets, he had once again set her back. She is now at the stage where she can snack again drink a certain fizzy drink but cannot go near any hot food. I am so fed up,with the way the medical staff have dealt with her, they advised her at the hospital they had never seen such a bad case and hadn't realised just how ill she was. Thank god we put pressure on them as I firmly believe she would not have been here today.
I will keep posting updates on here, but I would willingly offer verbal support for anyone who is suffering with this awful illness. Once my daughter has had her baby, I am going to go all out to raise the awareness of this life threatening illness.

I feel for all,you poor women out there suffering with this debilitating illness and in a lot of cases not having the condition recognised.
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Re: HG in the UK

Postby DebbieS » Jan 27, 2013 6:03 am

Welcome. What your daughter has been going through brought back memories for me ( a hospital whose protocol was saline drips even if you hadn't eaten anything for 5 weeks (I lost that pregnancy)). Your daughter may need some extra recuperation post HG/birth. It can take many months for organs to recover, which can impact on your energy levels. I found physio (for muscle wastage) & a nutritionist (designing a diet high in the things I was still deficient in) afterwards particularly helpful (and I think the UK has some great nutritionists). Wishing your daughter a healthy remainder of her pregnancy.
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