Hyperemesis in second trimester

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Hyperemesis in second trimester

Postby Mummytobe » Aug 02, 2013 10:16 am

Hi, I live in the UK and have had hyperemesis since week 10 and I am 17 weeks next week. Tried many different anti sickness medications but unfortunately I continue to vomit and have had four admissions to hospital. What are other peoples experiences with hyperemesis?
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Re: Hyperemesis in second trimester

Postby nemomum » Oct 23, 2013 6:56 pm

Hi there, I am sorry to read you are suffering so badly with HG but congratulations on your pregnancy regardless and well done for finding the forum here. I have two children and had severe HG for the duration of both pregnancies. With my first I hadn't even heard of HG and got as sick as it was possible to be before speaking to doc instead of midwife, I really should have been in hospital but I was being neglected. I got cyclizine which sort of turned the dial down on whatever sort of day I'd have but by the time I got it I was well into the downward spiral of HG. I found that the cyclizine lost effectiveness after a while but I didn't know of any other options, docs didn't tell me and midwives were dreadful. I had anaemia and pelvic girdle pain during the pregnancy too but most of that pregnancy was really just spent sick as a dog in my room at home (I was unemployed at the time and my husband was supporting us financially so I was home with the HG). After my baby was born I instantly felt normal on the HG front, bliss, but I was quite ill and got worse as the year went on. I was finally diagnosed, a year on, with hypothyroidism. Unfortunately I did not respond to the normal treatment for that but after a year of wondering and trying to get my courage up I decided to go for baby 2 (I couldn't leave it because I felt I would be too old). With baby 2 I had HG again and it lasted the duration of the pregnancy again. It was as severe but I was better at managing it and I did seek medical assistance sooner. With that pregnancy I was on cyclizine which really didn't touch it that time then tried stematil (buccastem) briefly which did nothing at all and phenergan which I had a CNS reaction too which felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin and also did nothing for the HG. I had bad anaemia again, carpal tunnel and pelvic girdle pain as well. I don't know if I'd have been better the second time around if I'd been on effective treatment for my hypothyroidism, I honestly don't know now if I was sick because of the hypothyroidism causing HG or if the HG was the thing that finally tipped the hypothyroidism over the edge (I suspect I'd been ill with that for about a decade but not so full on). I went into pregnancy 2 carrying extra weight because of the hypothryroidism but I was happy to have buffer weight knowing how ill I get. After pregnancy one I was really thinking I'd never be able be brave enough to get pregnant again but I love being a mum, I'd like a bigger family, I just hate the experience of being pregnant with HG. I think I was pretty obsessive in my researching HG which may have been a symptom of post traumatic stress but it seemed perfectly sensible to research it too. I did find out that many mums find cannabis effective and I looked into the safety aspects of that (I'm a scientist so I applied all my training to research how to get through a second pregnancy safely). I've never tried it but I would have if I could have got some safe stuff and I'd have used a vaporizer, I'm sure it would have been safer than the meds I was on. I can only speak for myself but I found the care here in the UK very poor, the doc denied that Zofran even existed in the big book of what's allowed. The midwives were really quite cruel and didn't seem to have the foggiest idea how to help, ginger and eating little and often were all they came up with. I even met one old school one who thought it had to all be in my head and gave me a sort of think yourself out of HG sheet to do at home. The forum here was a lifeline. I found with pregnancy one that my pregnacare tablets made the nausea much worse as did iron supplements. I did manage to keep coca cola down sometimes and it has similar properties to anti emetic syrup. I'd been planning the whole super organic loveliness pregnancy but I'd give coca cola a medal if I could. I'm hoping that things have improved since I had my son (2012), there should be a bit more awareness hopefully. The docs didn't follow any treatment plan and although I'd like another baby I can't really see myself talking myself into that for a while at least. My teeth were pretty knackered and the pelvic floor got a fair battering towards the end of the pregnancy with the being sick making pressure but I love being a mum more than anything in the world, I'd walk through fire for them, I'd fight tigers for them, I'd have HG for them...HG probably needs the most courage of those imho. When I was pregnant I just took each day at a time, sometimes I just took each breath at a time. I don't know the secret to getting through HG, I just endured. I do honestly think everyone should get their thyroid tested though if they have HG, it's part of the investigation protocol here on the forum. I definitely noticed my sickness was worse the more undermedicated I was for the hypothyroidism and the hormones of pregnancy mimic thyroid hormones. I didn't know it but there were a few relatives further out who'd been sick in pregnancy including a great granny but my mum didn't even know she was pregnant until I was almost full term so nobody in the family understood or had experience to share. Hubby tried but he was really pretty useless both in terms of managing the environment and just as an advocate. For baby three, if I get brave, I'm hoping having effective thryoid treatment would help but I'd really want to get cannabis if I could as I think that is the only working think I could get and I honestly do think based on what I read that it is safer than all the treatments doc gives but it is very tricky because I couldn't risk hubby getting into trouble because of his job and I just can't be that ill again because even if I could stand it for myself I need to be able to look after the children. I'm hardly ever on here now, I just popped on to see the page about people thinking about another baby and saw that there was a new UK forum page. I'll come back to see if you post though.
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Re: Hyperemesis in second trimester

Postby Leelee5283 » Oct 27, 2013 4:12 pm

Hi there
Im so sorry to hear youre suffering. This is my first post, I really wanted to share my experience of HG now I'm out the other side.
My daughter is 9 months now but I had a hellish pregnancy. It started at 5 weeks and I went full term with hyperemesis, i was in and out of hospital constantly throughout, no anti sickness medication worked and i was eventually induced 3 weeks early because I was so bad. I can only describe my pregnancy as 8 months of torture!!
Hopefully yours will ease up in time as I hear this is most often the case. I kept waiting for 12 weeks, then 16, then I heard it was 20 but it never stopped.
One thing that got me through was actually flat full fat coke a cola. I hate coke and never drink fizzy drinks but at around 14 weeks it became a real life saver. I would shake it for ages to make it flat then sip it throughout the day. Don't get me wrong I still felt nauseas and vomited a lot but this seemed to be the one thing that I could keep down - I couldn't even keep a sip of water down! And so it give me a wee bit of energy. Anyway its worth a try.

The only other advice I can give u is that if it does carry on (which hopefully it won't), keep your head! Hyperemesis took me over not only physically but mentally too. By about 18 weeks I was severely depressed and I've never suffered from any kind of depression before. My husband, mum and all my friends and family said I wasn't like myself at all, I was like a shell. And I felt it. I felt like I was in a cage and couldn't reach anyone. I cried all the time, I couldn't join in conversations, I had no energy, I actually felt like a 90 year old. I didnt feel excited or connected to the baby and every minute seemed to last a lifetime- i felt like i was pregnant for years!! I just kept thinking "what if I always feel like this?? What if I give birth but this doesn't go away and I'm never me again??" and no matter how many things I read where people said how suddenly they felt better I just couldn't see the end.
But it came. I don't know exactly when it was. I can't put my finger on the exact second that I stopped feeling sick and depressed but minutes after giving birth I was chatting away and up walking around and full of energy and my husband started crying and said " you're back!" - (I think he was also worried I'd be a zombie forever too!)

I never thought I'd say it but I'm definitely going to have another baby. Words can't begin to describe the love I have for my baby girl and it was worth every second of torture. I hope i dont have HG again but if i do I think it'll make it a bit easier just knowing that IT WILL be over. THERE IS AN END TO IT!

That's the best advice I can give you. Whatever happens try and keep sane and I promise you it won't last forever. In the meantime try and keep busy and in company. Dont let yourself start spending all your time in bed or alone cause it'll take you over. Good luck x
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Re: Hyperemesis in second trimester

Postby davidmikky » Oct 29, 2013 2:32 am

Time for me, I read too fast! This is good for TH ...Time for me, I read too fast! This is good for TH ...
be happy (FaiSal)……………..
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Due date list

Postby Flaviabina » Jan 28, 2014 3:33 am

I am due today.
I had a membrane sweep on Monday and early this morning had what I think was a mucus show when I went to the toilet.
Is there anything I can do to move things on or is it just a case of waiting?
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Re: Hyperemesis in second trimester

Postby LisaBibby » Feb 03, 2014 4:37 pm

I have only just seen this group, but earlier posted a thread in the other forum for HG in second trimester called HG plus ptyalisim and returning to work. From the UK i would be greatful If anyone has the time to please read and comment. Thanks x
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