anyone rec a good OB in Newcastle?

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anyone rec a good OB in Newcastle?

Postby dizzy » May 08, 2013 12:27 am


I am new to the forums. I had an HG pregnancy 3.5 years ago, along with severe back pain from vomiting induced injury and abdominal pain. I am finally getting around to the idea of going through it all again but am really nervous about getting the right care. I won't be returning to the OB I had the first time and hope that someone might be able to recommended a great OB or any health providers in the area that are HG savvy. I am trying to set up appts to interview local OBs but this seems to be really hard - the first one i tried has a 3 month wait list and the 2nd one the receptionist said the OB doesnt really do preplanning interviews and would just prescribe zofran as soon as i needed it.
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Re: anyone rec a good OB in Newcastle?

Postby DebbieS » May 10, 2013 4:12 am

I don't have any familiarity with Newcastle (being from SA) but a quick Internet search does seem to indicate that Newcastle OBs are very busy with long waiting times. Dr Mary Norris might be worth a try, because she works in both private/public (maternal fetal medicine unit at John Hunter hospital). My basic starting point last time was first picking the best hospital for treating HG (for IVs etc), then working backwards to find a specialist with a strong reputation at the hospital. This way I got good communication between my Dr and the ER. Getting a good GP onboard is important too.
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