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HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Jul 13, 2007 7:16 pm
by mfejzo
I am deeply moved by those of you who have contacted me from your hospital bed to participate in our study. Having suffered from HG twice, I know it is nearly impossible to motivate when getting through each day is such a struggle. I wanted to let those of you who are currently suffering know that you or a loved one can contact me at and just put in the subject line or text "HG NOW" and that way I can put your email address in our database and contact you in the future when you are feeling better to officially enroll you in the study. We need 1,000 participants who have had HG treated with iv or tpn or feeding tube to discover the biological cause and hopefully cure for HG and we currently have 316 participants. Each one of you is needed to help bring us that much closer to the cause and cure!

PostPosted: Jul 31, 2007 9:13 pm
by IslandDreamer

PostPosted: Aug 28, 2007 8:30 am
by Roz
Hi, where about are you and where is the study taking place ?

PostPosted: Aug 28, 2007 8:43 am
by aaronsmommy
The study is being done at USC which is in Los Angeles. It is open to non-US residents, but unfortunately there isn't funding for that. Here is the information about doing the study if you aren't from the US.

Everyone counts!

PostPosted: Nov 13, 2007 11:23 pm
by mfejzo
Hi all. We hit the 400 mark---but we need 1,000 of you out there!!!) We really need everyone who has had HG to participate to find the biological cause of HG. If you are too sick to participate now, please have a caretaker email me ( with your contact email and put HG NOW in the subject line so I can get you in the system and contact you when you are feeling better. Please spread the word about the study by passing my email address out to your nurses and obstetricians and any friends with HG. You do not need to currently be pregnant to participate, you just need to have suffered from HG treated with iv hydration at least once. There is no cost or travel to participants living in the US. The survey can be filled out online and we will send you a kit in the mail to collect your saliva. This study is the first step to finding the cure for HG. Please help make a difference so the next generation doesn't have to suffer like we did.
Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, Ph.D,
HG Researcher and 2X HG sufferer

Please participate and some news!

PostPosted: Dec 08, 2007 12:42 am
by mfejzo
Seasons Greetings Everyone! Please think of our future HG sufferers (our daughters and grandaughters) this holiday season and participate in the HG study that will help us find the biological cause of HG and bring us one step closer to putting an end to the misery! Thank you to all of you 426 participants-each of you is bringing us baby steps closer and are a critical piece of the puzzle that is HG!

I also wanted to let you know that we have isolated DNA from over 100 of you HGers and your friend controls and are almost ready to start some preliminary testing of candidate genes. I will keep you posted on the research forum of any results. Also, we are almost done with the online survey and you will be hearing from me, hopefully before the end of January, so I can let you know the link to it on the HER website.

I know it is a busy time of year for everyone, so I appreciate all of you who have contacted and followed through with the study! For those of you who are ill, please email me at and put "HG NOW" in the header and I will put you in my file and contact you in six months when you will hopefully be feeling better.

Happy Holidays!


PostPosted: Mar 27, 2008 7:16 pm
by Natalie

PostPosted: Jul 21, 2009 9:23 am
by faithlove
Is this still ongoing? Though my HG is controlled by Zofran, I know people who have had it and had no idea what it was! A woman from church had it with 3 pregnancies, was in and out of the hospital and she only learned about it when I had it two years ago! She had it from the beginning all the way through her labor with all 3 children. If this is still ongoing, I know several people who might qualify to participate.

We are getting there, but HG study still needs participants!

PostPosted: Jul 21, 2009 9:26 am
by mfejzo
Yes! We still need a couple hundred participants to reach 1,000, so PLEASE have your friends who have had HG with iv fluid treatment at least once email me at
Thank you so much!

PostPosted: Jul 21, 2009 9:40 am
by faithlove
What is the main website for it so I can email my friend a link?

PostPosted: Jul 21, 2009 10:03 am
by mfejzo

HG study update-we still need your help!

PostPosted: Nov 05, 2010 12:58 pm
by mfejzo
Hi All,
Thank you all who have participated thusfar. We are beginning to publish from the survey and here is a link to 2 press releases: ... 77990.aspx

It is very important for the scientific and medical community to recognize that HG has a genetic and therefore biological component and is not all in our heads, and this article shows we are getting there! Other interesting findings will be coming out in the next few years, but to find the biological cause, we still need participants, especially controls for this study. Although I have 1155 eligible HGers, only a little over half have followed through all the way to sending in saliva samples and completing the survey. In addition, many have not referred friend controls and so far I only have 560 eligible control participants, who also have not all followed through. I'm begging you to please spread the word and refer as many of your non-HG friends as possible (at least 2 pregnancies with no weight loss or treatment for nausea, non-blood relatives between 18-50). More HGers are also welcome and needed since not all eligible cases have followed through. Thank you for your help in finding the cause and cure for HG! We can't do it without you! Please have potential participants email me at
Please note: if you are too sick to participate now, just put HGnow in the subject line and I will email you in a few months.
Thank you!

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Apr 13, 2013 9:31 am
by SEW
Just read the two press releases, and I may be an exception. My mom had absolutely no pregnancy sickness with me or my brother. Unfortunately, I have no sisters either. I biologically resemble my dad more so than my mom - I have many of his ailments - so if this is genetically related then my dad has undoubtedly passed this down to me. I also have young nieces that I'm wondering if they will have HG when they too get pregnant. If so, this could show that studying the father's and brother's genetic material is just as important as studying the mother's and sister's. I could also never handle birth control pills with imitation estrogen - I would be violently ill - but I know this is not the case for all HG sufferers. My theory is that it is a combination of hcg and estrogen levels, being one or both that affects the sufferer. Since these both change differently over the course of a pregnancy, and hg has been known to act sporadically in some cases (subsiding in 2nd tri then reappearing in 3rd tri), I would really be interested to see these correlations!

I'm so glad you are doing this! Please keep up the research!

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Apr 15, 2013 11:52 am
by mfejzo
Yes, just as you suspected, we believe it can come from the mother's or the father's side because we have an equal number of women reporting that their maternal grandmother had it or their paternal grandmother.

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Aug 03, 2013 4:41 am
by Feebus
Hi, do you still want people for the study? Hardly any morning sickness in both sides of my family but this is my 6th pregnancy with HG... I seem to be very sensitive to hormones though - have always wondered if it was because my Mum was on the pill when she got pregnant with me and for several months after I was conceived! I live in New Zealand

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Aug 03, 2013 11:45 am
by mfejzo
Unfortunately we don't have funding right now for participants outside the US. Thank you for your interest!

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Dec 22, 2015 2:42 pm
by Hummingbirdheartbeat
Are you still in need of people for the research?
I'm currently experiencing HG again (this is my 3rd pregnancy)
Let me know.

Re: HG Study-PLEASE contact now, participate later

PostPosted: Dec 22, 2015 9:45 pm
by mfejzo
Yes. Please email me at