ALL: Intro to the 1st Tri. folder. Please read...

Moms with HG in their 1st trimester.

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ALL: Intro to the 1st Tri. folder. Please read...

Postby Natalie » Mar 27, 2008 6:04 pm

Hello and welcome :)

This sticky is just to give you a bit 'housekeeping' information if you like about this folder. It is an amalgamation of a number of different stickys and is a work in progress so please do bear with us while we change a few things over...

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Also, for some ladies in the first tri, it can be particularly hard to read posts that have moving images in e.g. these types of :hugs: especially if there a few all together. Would it be possible to limit these type of hugs and rather put (((hugs))) or *hugs* instead?

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Hi everyone,

I am a 30 year old teacher living in Western Canada. I have been with my dh, Steve, for 8 years.

I am a 2 time HG survivor, one of which ended in a loss, and one which ended in my dd Gracee. I found the forums after my loss. It was a huge help in educating me about HG. The support that I received throughout ttc, and my pregnancy with Gracee, made things much easier to deal with. I had HG right to the bitter end with Gracee. The medications helped ease the vomitting, but I never found much to help with the constant nausea. I suffered from the horrible smells and over salivation, and spent over 6 weeks hospitalized. I suffered from spd. This caused me to have terrible pelvic pain and back troubles. Towards the end of the pregnancy I also started to get pre-eclampsia. I was induced the day after my due date and had a lovely Rolling Eyes 20 hour labor. It is my goal to use my experiences to help others suffering.

I hope that I can now turn the tables and assist you through this challenge. You are always welcome to PM me. I will try my best to answer as many posts that I can. Good luck with your journey and lean on us for support when you need. Hugs



Hello everyone,

I'm Sarah and having grown up in Surrey, studied and worked for a few years in Liverpool, I now live in Manchester in the UK.

I am mum to 4 month old Freya (at the time of writing) and engaged to John. Not a day goes by when I am not thankful that I somehow found the strength to fight and carry on through Freya's pregnancy.

I had an early miscarriage in 2005. Around a year later, I found out I was expecting again. The first week or so, I felt great - hungry, happy, strong. For the week after that I had fairly normal nausea and occasional vomiting, managed ok with frequent nibbling of bland food (maybe there's a nugget of truth in the crackers?). It just got worse and worse. My partner would come home to find me unable to move from the settee, crying for the pregnancy to end. I had never before found termination personally or morally acceptable. I was so desperate I felt there was nothing else to hope for.

I managed another couple of weeks at home. We bought every supposed remedy going - my cupboard is still full of unfinished ginger tea, ginger cordial, and other 'alternative' suggestions. The weight fell off and I barely kept anything down each 24 hours. I wouldn't let myself go into hospital whilst I still could manage some fluids. From childhood I hated being sick. Every vomit at first brought me to tears, which brought on more vomiting.

My first admission was at 9 weeks. To see the little bean on scan was wonderful. IV fluids even more so. They gave me 5 L, fast, and then weighed me, and pointed out that my weight loss was not severe, only just over the 10%. I wonder why! Mostly though, I had first class care that admission, and whilst in hospital I heard about this website.

I tried 6 times to go back to work, eventually fainting, vomiting, and an oesophageal tear forced me to stop working completely at 21 weeks. I was admitted about every other weeks for fluids or with a bleed.

Around 30 weeks things started to ease off just a bit. And at 32 weeks I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. I am fairly certain that this 'placental failure' caused the easing of my symptoms. I spent the remainder of my pregnancy in hospital, with occasional trips home for a few hours, and as the pre-eclampsia worsened, the hyperemesis eased... and all there was to eat was hospital food! Soon cholestasis added to the collection of medical conditions and I had a failed emergency induction, leading to Freya being born by Emergency Caesarean section on Christmas Eve, 2006, at 35 weeks.

Sarah, xxx


I’m Natalie and I live in Bristol, England. I’m 34 and am the mother of 2 beautiful children.

HG with my first pregnancy began during week 7 when the morning sickness I had been having spiralled out of control. I received pretty horrendous treatment from my GP who diagnosed my condition immediately but then did not prescribe any medication to control the nausea or vomiting. I was left to suffer until week 10 by which time I had become totally incapacitated and had lost 15% (around 21 lbs) of my pre-pregnancy bodyweight. I had major food aversions including vomiting at the thought of food, smells were banned and I was only able to lie in bed on my side in a darkened room with no light, sound or movement. The lowest point came when I was throwing up every 15 minutes on the dot and dry heaving in between. I most surely had become dehydrated but still was not prescribed medication or admitted to hospital. It was a living hell. I had become was totally unable to care for myself which resulted in me leaving my husband for the first time in over 2 years of marriage to move 120 miles away so I could live with my parents to enable my mother to look after me 24/7.

It was only then that I was finally given medication (by a different GP) to control the vomiting. She did give me the option of going in for IVs but my natural aversion to the NHS and hospitals (I work in one) not to mention the particular hospital in question (ewwww) and my stubbornness (or stupidity) meant I took the decision to carry on as I had been. With the meds, the vomiting drastically reduced to a couple of times a day (totally manageable in comparison) but nothing touched the nausea. I also lost my job as a result of taking so much time off sick but I was just too ill to take them to an employment tribunal even though I had a great case.

Going into my next pregnancy, having found this site, learned about HG and written a protocol, I was adamant I would not take the same treatment as before. I had found the best GP in all of Bristol (or even the world!) and he was fully prepared to be proactive with my treatment. So when the nausea and vomiting began at 5 weeks, I immediately started meds. With that pregnancy, even the the nausea was ever present, I only vomited around 2-4 times a day but it was a total breeze compared to my first pregnancy. I still lost 12% of my pre-pregnancy bodyweight (14lbs) but was not nearly as bad as before. I put on my first lb at 24 weeks and it remains one of my highlights of my pregnancy!

Natalie, x
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Postby Kate » Jan 29, 2009 7:26 am

Moderator Intro's Cont.


Hi, I'm Katherine and I'm 25 and mom to Ryan who is currently 22 months. My husband David is wonderful and has taken super care of me during my HGing times.

With Ryan the pregnancy was pretty rough. My first ER visit was made at about 6 weeks and thats when I started Zofran ODT. I was back in the ER a few days later. And several more times. I was started on home health care with a Reglan pump (was switched to a Zofran pump since Reglan can cause weird effects with people with a history of depression) and peripheral IV's. After they kept blowing I was admitted for rehydration and PICC placement. Then I started getting my meds through the PICC. I kept getting sick and losing weight. They maxed me out of Zofran at 42mg- the matria pharmacist was very kind to me. Shortly after I was admitted to maternal fetal services and given a round of steroids and started on TPN and IV Pepcid. At 29 weeks I went into preterm labor and was put on Matria's PTL service with HUAM. And at 35 weeks Ryan was born with a really complicated delivery that I won't go into details about it. It always used to freak me out when people told me birthing stories that were complicated when I was pregnant.

A week after Ryan was born my appendix ruptured and I was in the hospital for a week before they were able to diagnose it and do surgery. Coincidentally I ended up with a PICC and on TPN again.... :roll: I'm a medical train wreck. Well anyways this caused a whole lot of scarring in my pelvic/abdominal area which messed with my tubes and I also ended up with Ashermans Syndrome from delivery (scarring in uterus) so I am now unfortunately pretty savvy with fertility treatments.

We have been through 1 round of IVF which resulted in a twin pregnancy which I lost. The details of which are too depressing to talk about .

We are getting ready to do a FET soon.

So thats me in a nutshell!
<3 Kate <3



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