Hi. 3rd time around.

Moms with HG in their 1st trimester.

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Hi. 3rd time around.

Postby wibblywobbly » Nov 05, 2016 11:21 pm

Hi. I just need people to talk to. I am 35 years old and having my 3rd child. Actually this is my 4th pregnancy, but I lost my last pregnancy at 8 weeks. Actually I'm 8 weeks now with this pregnancy, and it's been an emotional week.

I don't think I ever had HG as bad as some of you have it. When I was pregnant with my 1st son, I had to take zofran. At one point I had to have an IV. But it wasn't actual vomiting that got me so much as the nausea and aversions. The nausea and constantly hanging on the edge of vomiting any-moment (and then rarely actually doing it) caused me to become dehydrated and began to lose weight.

I actually threw up here and there all the way until the day he was born.

My second son, somehow was worst. I was so much less functional with him, and I threw up a lot more frequently. Unisom wouldn't stay down and sometimes water wouldn't even stay down, and finally I had a bad pain from throwing up so much that I went to the ER. They gave me a strong liquid
maalox and I scoffed at them for thinking that would work, but it did sooth something down in my raw esophagus and helped me make it through. I suddenly stopped throwing up when I was about 20 weeks along with him and did not throw up any more from that day forward with him.

My 3rd pregnancy is the one that I lost. That was last year (September 2015.) At that time, my youngest son was 7 years old, and I think i had brainwashed myself into believing that I was ready to try for a baby one last time. Then when I was pregnant with that 3rd pregnancy, I was nowhere as sick as I had been with the first two. I sewed things for the baby and was able to sew a giant maternity pillow. In retrospect, I should have known. I was basically nonfunctional with my first two pregnancies, and am kinda nonfunctional now, with this one. I would have never been able to chipperly sew things with a strong viable pregnancy. I found out I had lost that one at 9 weeks. I had had a brief episode of bleeding (I never bleed during pregnancy) a few days earlier when I was 8 weeks, and the doctors said that that was most likely when I had loss that one. Since I experienced a natural miscarriage before they were able to get a d and c scheduled, I do not know what caused that loss.

So this time around, being that my youngest kid is now 8, and it was so long ago when I was pregnant with him, and I blocked so much of my memories of pregnancy, and being that my last pregnancy was apparently not-viable and never caused a "normal" amount of sickness, I conned myself into trying this again.

suffice it to say this pregnancy feels a lot more sticky. I'm not quite as bad as I was the first 2 times, but i'm heading there. And all the memories are coming back and I'm scared. Both times with my first two pregnancies, the sickness did not **really** get cranked up really good until I was past those "normal" weeks of getting sick. I remember now how both times, I thought I had skirted by without getting "really" sick and then like, week 10 would hit, or week 12 and I thought death was coming for me. I never get that bad in like, week 6 and stuff like a lot of people do.

This time, I WAS sick at week 6 off and on. I felt good most days. Now I'm week 8-9 and I'm starting to go downhill. Unisom has stopped working and now I guess I have to go for some harder core stuff. I am deathly terrified of what I'm going to be like when week 10-12 hits. I'm starting to beat myself up wondering why I did this to myself again.

I know why, logically. Because I wanted to try one more time for a girl. Because I wanted a child to name after my favorite late uncle. Because my husband and I have grown so much together and we couldn't fathom the thought that we would never ever ever get to raise another baby together one last time. We desperately wanted one last go-round. But i'm starting to have second thoughts, although now, it's too late to do anything.

I hope that drugs have improved since the birth of my 2nd kid and I can get something this time that will cut nausea at least a tiny bit enough for me to be functional during the day.

The other thing is that for the first time, this year I am homeschooling my oldest son, who is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. This is getting to be so difficult. He does all his lessons online, but I have to guide him as to which lessons to work on for the day and most of the days I don't give a crap about anything. My youngest kid, who is still attending school, is wracking up the tardies because of me. (He actually had a bad accident friday morning and hurt his face, in part, because he was tardy. He tripped over his own feet "walking fast" into the building.) All because I couldn't drag my sick self out of the bed a bit earlier so he wouldnl't have to rush. :(

I hope to find some insight on how to manage. Thanks for listening. I just need to talk to people who would understand.
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Re: Hi. 3rd time around.

Postby shellyloca » Dec 06, 2016 6:03 am

I am so sorry that you have to pass through this again. I am in a similar boat. I am 37 and on my 4th HG pregnancy. My first child, a boy, I had a great pregnancy and then it was all down hill. I almost home schooled my kindergartner this year but thankful I did not, my oldest is 7 and in school. My three girls are 5- kindergarten, almost 4 and 2- each day I get through without the house burning down is a good one- she gets into everything and the house is a mess for hubbie each night. Before we decided to have another child my brain wouldn't allow me to think about pregnancy and HG. I forgot to take my daughter to school the other day, oops, it happens, they will survive :) With my kindergartener I threw up the hole pregnancy, I gained 5 pounds total. breakfast usually stayed down, I lived on the couch, at the kitchen sink and taking showers constantly, a neighbor came over everyday and our boys played. With my next one I started the horrific HG stuff at 8 weeks again and had about a 2 month break in the middle and then it started again. With my 3rd HG pregnancy I cant describe it, it was awful, I started HG prego at 6 weeks, and thoughts went to understanding why people thought of abortion with this, which I wouldn't but I understood for moments. I told God that if I didn't stop throwing up I would not have another child. At 12 weeks the "hell" forgive my language that I felt I was passing through subsided and I only was sick a couple nighttime's a week. Now with this one, it's worse than the others, I am not keeping anything down, can't hardly move without vomiting, and when there is nothing to vomit because it has already come up I vomit acidic spit, so yucky. I have basically been in bed for two plus weeks, the kids homework has been abandoned.. we have a system, my youngest three play well in the morning, feed them costco muffins for breakfast and in the afternoon/.evening they watch tv for hours on end til my husband comes home, what else can I do when I need to lay down all day. I am getting iv treatments at the hospital, it helps with a little energy and hydration of course but hasn't slowed the vomiting. I have lost 9 pounds in a little over two weeks, the iv seemed to slow the weight loss down a little. I sure hope this ends at week 12, my mother is coming to help for two weeks so that will relieve the stress on my husband. We have also had meals brought in from the neighborhood and in laws. I just take it one day at a time, eating small and waiting to throw up.... Good luck to you, thanks for listening, most people don't get it, and think sea bands and ginger should help, not their fault, they have never been through this but its not just morning sickness. I hope you have a good day!
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Re: Hi. 3rd time around.

Postby missdawn25 » Jun 25, 2017 9:45 am

I just wanted to come send a hug and say we have some things in common. I just discovered I am pregnant with our third as well. I have a 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter and we also homeschool.

My first pregnancy I had daily vomiting and nausea and while I was treated a little, did not know enough about hg to get much help.

With my second I was hospitalized at 7 ish weeks for 3 days and went home on iv and iv zofran for 2 months and continued zofran disolving tablets for most of the pregnancy.

I got a very light positive pregnancy test this past Monday and did not believe it until I took a first response test on Wed, when my cycle was due. I am 5 weeks today according to ovulation. I just started having some nausea this morning :( I started unisom and b6 yesterday. This morning seemed fine and now sitting here with nausea figuring out what to try and eat to settle my tummy.

Huge hugs. You are not alone.
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