Moms with HG in their 1st trimester.

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Postby TenPoundHammer » Mar 12, 2017 12:25 am

No, I'm not an expecting mother myself but I am at my wits end and I don't have the time nor luxury of waiting for a response or an "approval" of access to the "dad's lounge" or anywhere else I should or should not be posting in.

I am merely DESPERATE for any kind of help. My Fiance is in her first trimester with our first baby (her second) and she has SEVERE HG. And we are in a very bad spot.

She is very rarely able keep anything down for more than thirty minutes at a time, despite doctors telling us that "As long as she can keep something down for at least six hours she will be fine."....SIX HOURS!? She is incapable of keeping anything down for THIRTY MINUTES!!!

She often does not have the ability to get herself out of bed or off the couch for a couple days at a time and once she finds something (flavor or type of food or drink) that she is able to keep down for a little while, the first time she vomits it back up she refuses to eat or drink it again.

I am not hesitant to leave her alone, I AM FREAKING SCARED TO DEATH of leaving her alone while I go to work because I don't have anyone who can check on her or stay with her while I am working and I don't know in what way I will discover her when I arrive home. I am doing everything I possibly can do but she flat out refuses to be taken to the ER, and I cannot force her to go. The doctors refuse to listen to us, and they refuse to treat her. I make too much money for her to go on welfare, but we have no insurance until April. An alarmed nurse insisted on prescribing her Zofran because she is in a life-threatening stage but once my Fiance left the clinic to pick it up, a doctor called and cancelled the prescription saying she didn't need it and that a few vitamins would quell her "normal morning sickness".

I am at my wits end. I am worn to a frazzle trying to work and care for my Fiance who has a life-threatening condition and is already in the advanced stages (She has severe HG and has already lost 8 pounds this month) and I am angry that I am helpless to do anything to ease her discomfort or suffering.

When I discovered this forum I thought it was a godsend, but took FOREVER to get my registration to go through and now I find that this forum isn't even very active....

My fiance is sleeping some, hardly eating or drinking anything because she cannot keep anything down, is sick (besides the HG) and I am working all day including a lot of OT (which we desperately need) and when I come home I spend all my time cleaning or running errands for her and attempting to care for my Fiance and just be there for her. The harder I try, it seems the more that does NOT get done and I still don't get any sleep. She cannot function, and I'm losing my ability to function.

It bothers me that the most common solution seems to be "We went to the ER, we took Zofran. Everything's fine now." Surely there's other options available...

She cannot keep any medicine or vitamins down, I am on the verge of headbutting the next person who attempts to tell us that she needs to take more pills and hold them down for six hours.

For the love of all that is holy, please let there be someone out there who has been in a similar plight or at least has alternative options.
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Postby aaronsmommy » Mar 15, 2017 11:38 pm

Sorry, the discussions in the forums here have largely been replaced by discussions in Facebook groups over the past few years (here and in many other online forums, it is just the way things are changing). There is still a lot of great information here by looking at old posts. The HER foundation website also has lots of great resources (including medication lists that do include some over-the-counter medications). There is also a referral list you could look at to see if there might be a doctor in your area that has been recommended by other women with HG. Clearly your fiancee needs better care and yes, it sounds like the best thing would be for her to go to the ER. Once you are past a certain point there is not much you can do without getting IV fluids, there just isn't an alternative. Hopefully she has already gone to the hospital. If not, you need to tell her that the money is not a concern at the moment. Frankly, her funeral would cost a lot more than the ER visit.

BTW, the idea with the dad's forum was so that fathers could post about their concerns among themselves without having the women with HG comment, not because they aren't welcome in the rest of the forums, so feel free to post wherever (unfortunately there may not be many replies).

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Postby DivineLotus » Apr 19, 2017 12:57 am

there is many other options. please don't give up. she sounds like she needs home health at this point.
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