pepcid or zantac question

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pepcid or zantac question

Postby clarissav » Aug 24, 2004 12:58 pm

Can anyone tell me the lowest dose for pepcid or zantac? I am thinking about trying this since most of my hg it seems is in my tummy. My stomach just feels so yucky, like there is a lead ball in there. For me nausea is the worst. With Zofran and unisom at night I seem to avoid vomitting but nothing gets rid of the nausea.

I am now 12.5 weeks and definitely am doing better. I no longer cry and say I want to die. I can eat and eat and eat. I have already gained 10 pounds. Food in my stomach seems to help and I eat right before bed (something I would never do before pg) so that I don't wake up with severe hunger pains.

I'd appreciate if someone can tell me how much pepcid (OTC) I can take and how often. And how long it will take to work. I hate taking meds so I'll probably try it for only a day to two.

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Postby Ivydragon » Aug 24, 2004 2:38 pm

Another gal here is taking 75 mgs of Zantac in the am and in the pm. You can always check w/ your Dr. or pharmacist for a good doseage. The same gal said she'd take 150 mgs at night if things were really bad.

Pharmacists are great for information, and Drs. are there for you! (or they really should be). I have no idea what the lowest effective dose is, I presume that it is different for different people. You can look for info on Pepcid and more on Zantac by searching the forums, or the website on the site search and forums search capabilities at the top right of every screen.

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Postby kitty_doc » Aug 24, 2004 4:34 pm

I am the one taking Zantac 75mg twice a day (occas. 150mg if really bad), but you can also take Pepcid 10mg twice a day which will do the same thing. I really think the antacid is the key for some of us--it lowers your stomach acid and keeps you from getting a chronic gastritis which will prolong your recovery and keep you vomiting longer. This is the only pg I have used an antacid on a schedule and my symptoms are much milder than in the past (4th HG pg). That plus the Unisom is what has kept me from HG hell!! Oh, not to mention the Zofran!!LOL Hope it helps you!
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