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Moms with HG in their 2nd trimester.

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New to the forum..

Postby JustALittleCrunchy » Aug 13, 2016 6:02 pm

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with HG at 7.5 weeks and i'm now 19 weeks.
A little over two weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital for 7 days after several ER trips and even more hospital visits for re -hydration. Unfortunately, none of the medications helped and the one that did I ended up having a severe allergic reaction to 24 hours later. While at the hospital they decided it was best for me to have an NJ tube placed to receive all my nutrition and hydration through.

While I feel a little better because i'm finally getting what I need and its completely stopped the vomiting, I still feel so nauseated ALL. THE. TIME.

I had to quit my job and I barely have the energy to do normal daily things. Showering makes me feel like im going pass out and brushing my teeth is still a nightmare.

This is my first (and last) pregnancy. I'm so excited to meet my little boy but im having such a hard time with this and feeling so alone. People honestly dont get how bad it is. I had a nurse recommend blue gatorade to me after I just had a NJ tube placed. The suggestions to try this and that drive me insane and also the judgement I receive from other women when I mention this will be the only child we have. Like im some kind of monster because I dont want to go through this again..

sigh, I feel like im rambling but I just needed to vent somewhere where people actually understand what im going through. :(
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Re: New to the forum..

Postby Cecilianan » Sep 22, 2016 12:59 pm

Hi there:
I just want to say that I feel the same and am happy today I found this forum, so I know there are others out there. I am surrounded by friends who have given birth multiple times or are in the middle of pregnancy and no one has this condition. and yes, it is tough to feel I am a whiner from just describing this condition, because people don't get it, and you start to question am I just a big baby?

I totally understand why you would want this to be your only pregnancy. I think it would be the case for me. I always wanted 2, but I can't go through this again, I am usually so active and busy body, now I hardly can walk normally. I am probably lucky that I have not developed any allergy to Zofran since starting to take it last week, but the fatigue, heart flutter, and indigestion, and nausea are all still there, but just helping to keep the food down.

I am only 16th week, so a few weeks behind you. I wish you the best wherever you are in the world.

You would not be judged for wanting one child. I have known women and as have been written on this forum who chose to terminate their pregnancy, and I have thought and expressed to my husband more than once during my worst and felt-like-dying moments that I want to end this. although I was never seriously planning to do it, but I feel women should have the choice and should be told that when they are suffering so much that they will not be judged for not wanting to finish this marathon of pain and discomfort. It is a personal choice whether one chooses to terminate or only have one child.

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Re: New to the forum..

Postby smatarazzo » Sep 30, 2016 2:14 pm

Totally understand what you are going through. I'm not sure what I would have said to that nurse but it would not have been very nice! It sounds like you are doing a great job and caring for your baby the best you can! I agree with the previous poster, many have not been able to make it through their pregnancy due to what they are going through, so you deserve to feel VERY good about how far you have come! This will hopefully be the hardest thing you have to go through and on the other side of it is so much joy and reward.
Having one child isn't a bad choice. I'm considering the same as I have a 2yr old HG baby and don't want to miss out on a single day of his life because i have to lie on the floor in the bathroom, crying. There is always adoption if you really want more children. There are many kids looking for homes so it might be a blessing in disguise!
It's up to you and your family. Don't let anyone else give you advice on things they have less information about.

Stay strong!!
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