Concerns with Managing HG-Alternative and Medicinal

Moms with HG in their 2nd trimester.

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Concerns with Managing HG-Alternative and Medicinal

Postby LadyJane » Nov 20, 2016 7:43 pm

Hello Ladies, and maybe a few gents...

I'll start off with a little about me. I currently am going through pregnancy number two. With my first, I had HG incredibly bad, I was literally the every single 1% category that there is for this. So I was completed debilitated I was bed ridden and hospitalized most of my pregnancy and my daughter was a month early due to several reasons but what I believe to be the main factor was all the stress put on her during the entire, and I mean entire pregnancy.

With that we know those of us that have been through this before that there are lots and lots of medicines that go along with that type of pregnancy. I was 20 years old when I was going through this and was just honestly scared. I was very alone and did not know what to believe. Prior to becoming pregnant I had been diagnosed with cyclic vomiting through the same hospital and doctors that I was utilizing for my pregnancy so a lot of the issues were being overlooked. I was offered everything under the sun though Phenergan, Regalin, Zofran, to no avail. Nothing really helped. I continued with the nausea meds on and off through out the pregnancy but I still was hospitalized. through out that pregnancy I had to be given Duladid and Morphine at least three times just to calm my body to be able to be some what functoning for my daughter while I was in the hospital. I was so scared that something would go wrong my baby girl came fine though. She is a happy healthy smart as shi* four year old.

I am currently going through pregnancy number 2. My husband and I planned this baby and are ecstatic to be pregnant. However, this pregnancy has been so so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO SO so so bad. I would say worse than my daughter. I have had to be highly medicated the entire time so far I'm 14 weeks, and hospitalized a large amount of the time as well. Today I was administered with morphine and I'm having the same fears again. i know my bean is okay we did an ultra sound and the heart rate and everything is absolutely normal it just scares me and I'm so early what if something gets worse?? were trying to get some more options under way like a PiCC line and see if that helps but Im not even sure that will be better for baby. more meds, more meds, more meds. I really don't like it.

Today I rangled in a hospital bed for five hours wailing in pain and this is NOT the first day this has been the case. yelling in so much pain. I really thought I was going to die. Dying probably would have felt better. I'm, so.. tired... of hurting... and feeling guilty on on fronts for just not being sure whats best for bean.
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