I wonder if this would be helpful- Insurance Buddies?

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I wonder if this would be helpful- Insurance Buddies?

Postby teddi » Mar 17, 2005 3:17 pm

I know we have buddy system for pregnant HGers, but I thought about something I think could be helpful. Since we so often have to jump through hoops or have problems w/providers & insurance denying us care...maybe we could have something like an "insurance buddy"?

Basically what I mean is something like this- I have delt with Kaiser HMO, so I know what treatments are and aren't available and the best way to work w/in the Kaiser system to get what you need. If someone ELSE struggling with HG also had Kaiser, I could share my experience & tell them how they can go about getting a treatment or drug. Perhaps others with different carriers (Blue Cross, Medicaid, ect ect ) might be willing to share their experience ?

I think just a sticky with the persons ins. carrier experiences listed would be a simple way for ppl to match up w/someone w/the same carrier. I'll cross post this under Forum Suggestions...
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Postby aaronsmommy » Mar 19, 2005 4:57 pm

I know for Kaiser, and probably Tri-care and maybe some others it would make sense. But, I think the complexities of most insurance would make a buddy system difficult. I know Pamela has it hard enough just matching regular buddies.

Although for Kaiser, everyone deals with the same thing (except for regional differences), with most of the other companies it matters what kind of a plan you have, what state you are it, who your employer is, and for the HMO people what your IPA is may matter more than what insurance you have. Plus, things change ALL the time.

If anyone feels like they have mastered a certain system, why don't we have them post here, and then someone looking for help with that insurance can post or send them a message.

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