Need Dr. in Tulsa, OK area

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Need Dr. in Tulsa, OK area

Postby jamijo » Mar 21, 2005 4:42 pm

I had no clue that there were others like me. My angel is now 4 and very lonely. My hubby and I are ttc but don't want to tell anyone until we are pg because they will think we are nuts to go through everything again.
Anyway...I have checked all of the referal links in all other threads and there is not anyone listed in the entire state of OK.
PLEASE help if you know of anyone. My last doctor was not empathetic at all!
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Postby Jenny Lynne » Apr 14, 2005 11:50 am

I just saw your post and registered just so I could reply in hopes of helping you. I see Dr. Lora Larson with Omni Medical Group (SJMC). She didn't hesitate to see me at 5.5 weeks when I called her desperate - she even worked me in that very same day. She also diagnosed me, explained a little, gave me Zofran immediately, along with some other things to try (in truth, none of them worked). She also checks and seems genuinely concerned each time I go in, classified me as high risk b/c of the heG, and did 3 early ultrasounds to make sure everything was okay. I don't think she specializes in treating heG, but she's very good and I'm thrilled with her care. HTH!
EDD 10/15/05
dx heG at 5.5 weeks
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