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disability & hospital insurance

Postby JennyK » Jun 28, 2005 10:30 pm

I see there are recent posts about AFLAC, but I thought I'd add this. I posted this in the "preparation" folder, so I'll just cut and paste it here:
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In preparation for my next pregnancy, I have been doing research regarding disability and hospital insurance. The disability policy pays about 2/3 of my net income if I cannot work due to disability or injury. Hospital insurance pays a fixed amount for each day in the hospital.

In case anyone else is interested, here is what I've found:

AFLAC will write policies so long as you haven't had HG within the past 12 months. I have talked to other HGers who have gotten claims paid by AFLAC for subsequent HG pregnancies, so I am hopeful they won't give me any grief over it. I was blatant with my agent about why I need the policy and she helped me figure out the best options based on my needs.

The premiums are high, but well worth it if I am not able to work and/or need to be hospitalized. (Nothing would make me happier than to pay the premiums and then have a healthy pregnancy!) Below are the premiums quoted for me along with a summary the benefits I think I am likely to take advantage of. They are based on my age, occupation and income, so your premiums may be different, but at least it will give you a ballpark.

AFLAC – Voluntary Indemnity Plan (hospital insurance)
premium $27.90/mo
$100/day for days 1-7; day means 14 hours
$100/short stay; short stay means 6 hours
includes hospital stay for childbirth
can purchase initial hospitalization rider for $500 benefit

AFLAC – Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan (hospital insurance)
premium (including $1000 initial hospitalization rider)
$100/day for 1-15 days; day means 14 hours
$250 initial hospitalization; can purchase rider for total of $1000 for initial hospitalization
$300 for delivery
includes hospital stay for childbirth

AFLAC – Personal Disability Income Protector
premium (paid with post-tax dollars): $105.20/mo
approx. 2/3 of my net income
covers 6 weeks post partum
7-day waiting period for benefits for sickness
pays 100% of benefit so long as I earn less than 80% of my base salary due to disability

There is also hospital insurance available to me through my profession, which may be a better deal than AFLAC's policy because it pays more per day and covers home health expenses. Check to see if you are a member of a professional organization that offers insurance.

It gives me peace of mind knowing that this insurance will help me financially. I can't control the fact that I am likely to get hyperemesis again, but I can be prepared. I hope this information will be helpful to someone else out there who is planning to do it again!
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