Insurance Exclusions for HG...please help!

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Insurance Exclusions for HG...please help!

Postby febesweetp » Aug 11, 2004 8:21 pm

Hi all :D I am new here. My husband & I are thinking of having another baby so I have started to research what is new with hg. I have one daughter who just turned 3 in July. My hg started at 5 weeks until i delivered. I was hospitalized a few times and finally able to "control" it with Zofran. I was not insured with that pregnancy and paid out of pocket....eeek! I did not want to do this again but am finding I may have no other choice. I can not find an insurance co that will cover pregnancy because of my hg problems. I don't understand how this is legal. I was hoping someone out there could shed some light on this problem....have any of you had the same experience? Do any of you know of a good rx plan that covers/reduces the price of zofran?

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Postby BlueEeyore » Aug 11, 2004 8:33 pm

I am sorry. We really need to revamp the health insurance system in this country.

I don't have any advice about insurance, BUT it was my impression that the patent on zofran was ending soon and that cheaper generics would be available soon. So you might want to wait until that happens.

Good luck.
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Postby aaronsmommy » Aug 11, 2004 9:12 pm

Yep, this is a problem.
I'm paying for Cobra right now at an exorbitant rate for a crummy insurance plan because I know that I would be in the same boat if I had to get coverage on my own.
If you wouldn't qualify for Medicaid while pregnant, maybe you can look in to a Major risk policy. It looks like Florida does have a plan - this link gives a general description and has phone numbers by state to get more info
I've looked in to this for California but the programs vary a lot by state and I couldn't find any details for Florida. I may be doing this if my husband hasn't gone back to work in 18 months when I no longer qualify for cobra (he's a school teacher so could get coverage for all of us through his job, but for now he stays home with our son).

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Postby febesweetp » Aug 11, 2004 10:38 pm

Thank you both for your input & support! I took a look at the high risk pool for florida but is shows that it is closed- no new enrollment. As for medicaid.... we do not qualify because of income....however our income is not such that we wouldn't feel the financial pinch of ZOFRAN & hospital bills!!! I am still researching the medicaid cost sharing program for my state. I would have to pay out of pocket up to a certain amount each month and then they would take over....but it was a pretty high amount last time. I am not sure if it will be less this time since we have a minor child. I think that makes a bit of a difference. I just feel aweful depending on medicaid to have a baby. at the same time I dont feel it's fair to have to put my family in an unfavorable financial situation or to limit us to one child when we really wanted a house full. I am sure you have all felt the same. Thanks again for your input!!
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Disability Income Insurance

Postby Vanessa » Oct 05, 2004 5:34 pm

Hi ladies,

DH and I have just started TTC this month(!). I have been terrified of what will happen if I am unable to work, as I am the primary breadwinner. Having had severe HG in the past (resulted in TT), as well as a family history of HG (Mom and Sister had throughout pregnancies), I began researching financial options. I wanted to give a little info as to what I found - hopefully, to enlighten other terrified HG survivors. The first is Hospital Income Insurance - benefits from $250 per day (first day, no waiting period) to $2,000 per day. Pretty good deal, with monthly premiums at $17 a month for a $500 a day benefit. The other thing I looked into and actually just enrolled in last night is a Disability Income insurance policy which will pay me $2,000 a month after a 14-day waiting period. (FYI, my premium per month is $63)

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have this insurance. I now feel that I can finally make it through the madness when, and if, it kicks in, without the added stress of how our bills are going to be paid.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad for insurance. It's not meant to be, but I have been reading the posts on this website and noticed that other women have the same concerns I do and I thought this might be helpful.

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