Looking for a doctor in Singapore

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Looking for a doctor in Singapore

Postby deepregrets » Jan 08, 2015 1:31 am

i just terminated my pregnancy at 9 weeks in Dec....i am filled with guilts and deep regrets like a lot of other mothers. On the day it happened, a part of me has died and the emptiness inside me is unbearable....what if i had just hang it there.....

I am determined to find a cure to my condition. Has any mother done any tests and found anything?

Anyone knows of a doctor in Singapore who could help?

My doctors I spoke to just brush it off to morning sickness and I have been told that it is mind of matter!!!! Surely, these doctors have no idea what HG is

Desperately looking for solution!
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Re: Looking for a doctor in Singapore

Postby drmomdr » Jan 24, 2015 1:35 pm

i am an Ob/gyn in america who had hyperemesis. i am also an oncology doctor for women and give zofran to women for chemo. i used chemo-doses of zofran to cure my hyperemesis. 24 mg at one time every day. if i took 8 mg every 8 hours it didn't work. if i tried to lower the dose it didn't work. i don't know why it works and my own doctor probably thinks i'm crazy but i don't care because i didn't lose my pregnancy like i almost did the first time. word of caution though, the constipation gets really bad and you have to combat it with metamucil or miralax. every day. best of luck to you.
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