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Recovering from birth & months of Hyperemesis, encompassing post-partum concerns such as nutritional and physical recovery from HG, breastfeeding support, and infant medical issues stemming from HG (infant reflux, feeding issues, prematurity, etc.).

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Meet your moderators

Postby krdoty » Jun 10, 2007 9:59 pm

Hello, everyone! My name is Kendra. I was recently added as a Moderator for Post Partum & Newborn Care. Both of my sons, Paul and Norman, are HG babies. I am currently breastfeeding after struggling with a stubborn case of thrush and multiple food intolerances. I pumped full-time for a while with my older son, eventually switching him over to formula. I am currently a stay at home mom after working full-time for two months after my older son was born. I also have first-hand experience with Post Partum Depression and pre-existing PTSD that was not helped any by HG. I hope that my experiences will allow me to offer the answers, support and understanding that you want and deserve from your PP&NP moderators.

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