My protocol for preventing Morning sickness...*links* added

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My protocol for preventing Morning sickness...*links* added

Postby herbsgirl » Oct 23, 2007 11:40 am

Hello! I am fairly new to the forums. I have been lurking for a little. I have had Morning Sickness 3x, and hope to not have it again. (Lord Willing we have another)

Mainly I want to go the natural route, following SHonda Parker's recomendations for preventing M-sickness/HG. ... essage/595

This is the basic Original protocol from Shonda Parker above

So I want to post my protocol. We think we might be TTC August 2008 or later next year?? So I have started supplements already and am hoping they help! I will change it as needed, and add more links and info on new products and information along. I do change my mind sometimes on products, ect.

My protocol for 10 months or so before start TTC...
I have already started quite a few of these things

1.----PreNatal Blend- 6 tablets a day (2 3x a day with meals) ... blend.html ... ostcount=8 ... ostcount=6

The nutrients included are...
a. 100 mg+ B6
b. Vitamin K 150 mcg
c. 1000 mg Folic Acid
d. 1000 mg Vitamin C
e. 1200 Calcium/ 650 Magnesium/ 1000 Vitamin D
f. 300 Mg Papaya to help with digestion and be easy on stomach
g. high potency B-complex included
h. Spirulina, Red Raspberry, Alfalfa,ect
i. 200 mg DHA from Algae
j. 200 mcg B12
and MUCH more!

2.---- Fish oils NOW ultra Omega 3 enteric coated-3 a day before bedtime
1500 mg EPA
750 DHA

3-----. Milk thistle - 3 capsules a day (1 cap 3x a day with meals)
I hope to take this through pregnancy to prevent Morning Sickness and Jaundice in baby.

Shonda says a Phytosome form of Milk thistle is better, it helps the body uptake the milk thistle better than regular milk thistle products in Crude form. ... ssage/1047 ... essage/386

4. Exercise 30 minutes every day

5.----- Natural Calm 400mg Magnesium Citrate to bowel tolerence.. before bed each day. ... =5121&at=0

6. Drink 1-2 cups of kefir every day

6 Months before TTC...

-continue all supplements: PreNatal Blend, Thislyn, fish oil, walking, Natural Calm

1 months before TTC...

-continue all supplements... PreNatal, thislyn, fish oil, walking, 2 weeks a month, Natural Calm

-start working up to 1-3 cups homeade live grain Kefir/day (1% or skim milk)

1-2 weeks prior to TTC...

-continue all supplements, PreNatal, thislyn, gr8dopholis, fish oil, walking, and kefir, Natural Calm

-start drinking according to the Water Cure (half body wieght in oz) WATER with fresh squeezed Lemons in them. Drink one glass upon waking to cleanse liver..and all throughout the day.

-start thinking about making some meals for the freezer

Upon BFP.....

-continue all regimes and supplements previously done....
-Prenatal 6 a day
-Milk thistle-Thislyn 3 a day

-Fish oil 3 a day
- Absorb-aid 6 a day
-Gr8dopholis...1-2 every time eat
-Morning SIckness Balm 1/4 tsp 3-4x day
- Water (drink half body wieght in oz)
-one to three cups Skim/1% homeade kefir/day
-continue doing Curves at home workout/or go to Curves everyday
-Natural Calm 400 mg magnesium citrate
each evening before bed

2. Follow Dr. Brewers pregnancy diet being sure to eat 100 grams protien every day. along with high protien snack and 1-2 gr8dopholisb before going to bed at night

3.Start Morning sickness balm, a tincture proven to help 88% of women... ... 83b5ea3f80

even helps if you are so sick you have IV,ect. The dosage is 1/4 tsp 3-4x a day. Can be taken as dropperfuls, like 1 dropper every 3 hours for a total of 6 droppers a day or 1 dropper every 2 hours for a total of 8 droppers a day maximum. Can be taken by 1/2 dropper under tounge even if you cant keep water down and hold under tounge as long as possible. It goes directly into bloodstream.

testemonials #12 and #16 say even helps women with IV's or that had to go to hospital... ... b054c5aa6b

"One of my clients was on IV too sick to keep down sips of water, within 24 hours of taking Morning Sickness Balm, she quit vomiting and no longer needed IV."

"I felt sick and vomited in the morning, but I didnt need to go back to the hospital for IV. Before I started taking it [Morning Sickness Balm] I had been to the hospital 5 times"

4. Take the morning sickness balm in this manner
-before rising every morning
-If I cant hold down liquid or food, take 1/2 dropper every 30 minutes until food and/or water stays down, then continue with regular dosage
-hold under toungue for as long as possible to insure it goes directly into the bloodstream.
-take it religously, at the same times every day

5.Start NOW Gr8dopholis high quality 8 strain Probiotic, 1-2 capsules every time food goes into mouth, snack or meal ... 635&at=0is is same thing as Tummy Tuneup Original. ... 764.0.html ... l#msg37623 ... ducts_id/6 ... iews_id/32
-start working up to 3-4 cups homeade live grain Kefir/day (1% or skim milk)


And now some extra ideas and links for other stuff....
Im not necissarily going to try these at the bottom of this page here below, but this is just information to read or whatever....

-More remedies,links, and information for Morning sickness/HG...

-Wild Yam Root tincture/glycerite
-Thayer's Slippery Elm Lozenges (helps with digestion, acid reflux, and heartburn) Can be taken every 2 hours as needed.
-Peppermint candies
-Cinnamon gum
-ginger altoid
-bentonite clay absorbs toxins from body and helps to eliminate morning sickness...reply #41 in this thread has testemonial for it... ... l#msg33044
HG/morning sickness information and helps.. ... inger.html ... kness.html ... mesis.html
on kefir and kombucha.. ... 1&.intl=us ... yperemesis ... yperemesis
all about dandelion / milk thistle/morning sickness ... =dandelion ... 1&.intl=us ... ost1087769

pre-pregnancy prep.. ... l#msg85883
essential oils help nausea...
ideas from a Nature's Sunshine forum... ... egnant#375
The Liver/morningsickness/HG connection ... peremesis/
Excellent Morning Sickness Products...... ... +and+birth
Looking into this product, emailed Dr Raffelock about it....
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Re: My protocol for preventing HG/Morning sickness....

Postby Susannah » Oct 23, 2007 7:44 pm

Your protocol seems very in depth. I am doing/did some of the same things, and so far am better than I was last time.

I am taking an iron free multivit (iron still rips through my stomach since HG)

Per motherisk I am taking 5mg of folic acid in a B complex called cardio B

I am doing the papaya enzymes any time I eat- I find that they really help with digestion

I did the fish oil until :verygreen: . Then burping it made me shutter and gag. I wonder if the enteric coated would "come back up"?

I have not done dandilion root, but will be interested to see if it helps you

"4 Thislyn Milk thistle - 3 capsules a day (1 cap 3x a day with meals)
very high quality cliniclly studied Milk thistle. I hope to take this through pregnancy to prevent Morning Sickness and Jaundice in baby." I did this as well. I really like this company.

5. Absorb-Aid digestive enzymes- 6 tablets a day. (1 6x day or 2 3x day) I am interested in these. DO you take them already? DO they seem to help?

8." Fresh squeezed lemons in water..minimum 2 quarts of lemon water a day." I find lemon in water helpful- particularly hot water. I can't always keep it down, but hope it works for you.

Do you have a protocol for bfp? Did you take any medications with your prior pregnancies that you would repeat next time?
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Postby herbsgirl » Oct 23, 2007 10:03 pm

I have not started the Absorb-aid, but I will be soon. Enzymes, and EFA's, and the liver herbs also help Psoiraisis and I have that skin condion, so Im getting 2 things at once!! :)

The Fish Oil brand I mentioned....I get Absolutley NO burps AT ALL!! I know when I am pregnant that fish oil burps would not work! :)

I will edit my protocol to add what I would do upon BFP. I will change it and add more stuff until I get it right. The main thing I am hoping to do is to get my body used to all this stuff, because I do not like to introducing new substances into my body during pregnancy...I guess its just a thing I have...

My first pregnancy with a boy I had an IV in the ER once, and threw up ALOT, and lost wieght. My seconed pregnancy I got pregnant when the 1st baby was about 7 months old...this was a girl...I was sick, but not near as sick as the first time. Then I had another boy about 16 months ago in June 2006, and BOY WAS I SICK!! I just about lived in the Bathtub(not quite) because in the hot water is the practically the only thing that could make me forget my pain for a little bit. My last pregnancy, I threw up some, but mainly I was IN PAIN, SO BAD I COULD NOT take care of my house or anything hardly, just lay on the couch or chair sometimes. I ate sugar all the time because it seemed to soothe it for temeroray and then the pain would come back and I would eat again. I ended up with GD twice nd all the sugar and constant eating with the morning sickness Im sure did not help. I felt so horrible. I do not know what its like to have a PICC line, or constant tube feeding, but I do :hugs: know at least a TEENY TINY bit what HG feels like!!

No I have never did Meds, and I do not have any in my protocol. I guess my name says it all. Im a natural girl. I have nothing against meds for others :D , thats perfectly fine for other people, but For myself, I like to try natural first.

I hope everyone that trys the Milk thistle will post whether it worked or Not. I wonder if the Quality of Milk thistle, the amount taken every day, and the time before TTC it is taken has something to do with how well it works?

Thanks for listening! :mrgreen:
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Postby Susannah » Oct 24, 2007 12:22 pm

I did the milk thistle 3 months prior to ttc (same company you mentioned) and so far I have been better this pregnancy. I am still taking zofran and unisom and getting :sickfast: , so I wouldn't say it has been a "magic pill"
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Postby herbsgirl » Oct 24, 2007 12:33 pm

Its good to know that MIlk thistle takes the edge off at least. Anything is better then nothing when youre feeling like :sickfast: :verygreen: But maybe some women have different responses than others? I read one say that she took it 5 months prior to preg. and had no morning sickness, or nil. I am starting 10 months before or more, so hopefully....?????
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Postby Isba » Oct 24, 2007 4:30 pm

Hopefully that will work for you. Keep in mind there is a difference between morning sickness and hyperemesis. Most (all) of us have to be on meds in addition to all of the herbs that some of us try.

I do think you are correct that people respond to things differently. I was pretty lucky, I responded well to the Zofran and Pepcid (meaning I kept much of my food down and was able to consume fluids most of the time) whereas others need a lot more medication and different combinations and they are still extremely ill.

I can believe that herbs will help with morning sickness and hopefully better HG. Again, HG is not MS. I never thought that I would ever have to take any meds during pregnancy. I am a granola-crunchy-organic eating woman who had no intention of taking ANY kind of medication while pregnant. I fully intend to use herbs and have been using homeopathy to prepare my body in case I ever to get pregnant again, however I will have a medication back up plan and I am grateful for the medications they have available.

I wish you the best on your journey. Sounds like you have a pretty thorough plan. Hopefully you won't get HG. In the unfortunate event that you do, well you have found a great resource. I would be interested in hearing about your journey and how your protocol has helped you! BTW, I have tried AbsorbAid and absolutely LOVE it. I, too, was following Shondra's suggestions when I thought I was pregnant a while back. I have food sensitivities and use them when I eat something that gives me problems. It's an expensive, but great product!

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Postby herbsgirl » Oct 24, 2007 8:18 pm

barbara- Thanks for all the good wishes. I do know I was horrible sick with 2 of my pregnancies. . :) So if this works, it will be THE MIRICLE!! :!: :!: :lol: I was lay on the couch, all day, all night sick. With my first I threw up alot and lost wieght. With the last one I just felt so horrible I could basically hardly take care of my family at all. It was (or whatever you call it) knawing pain in my stomach all day and all night. Even if my protocol just gets me down to a few queasy moments that would be SO MUCH better than what I was experiencing. My mom had HG really bad with me. She had to live in her Mother-in-laws attic while she sipped water, and MIL took care of her!!!!! I think she had to go to hospital with 1-2 babies with HG.

Thanks for letting me know the Absorb-aid works.
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Postby Spark » Oct 28, 2007 7:03 pm

Hi, herbsgirl. :)

Your protocol looks really detailed. I hope it helps with morning sickness next time. It doesn't really sound like you had HG in your last pregnancies, but I hope the HG research here will help you. You just might not have that much in common... and that's a GOOD thing! I've had a bad morning sickness experience, a regular morning sickness experience (I still lost weight & was miserable) and then full blown HG. I usually explain that the difference between morning sickness and HG is this- with morning sickness it's miserable. it feels like it's never going to end and it's torturous. With HG you don't often have time to think how miserable you are... it's more about survival. It feels like death, and in fact, it is death.

Okay, onto the protocol details --

Fish Oil - I'm veg but with the research on fish oil, I almost wish I wasn't! :lol:

Thislyn Milk thistle - I'm concerned because this is not straight MT. I believe some of the other herbs aren't great for pregnancy. This seems to be a more detox orientated blend:
Thisilyn Milk Thistle 175mg, Artichoke 100mg, Turmeric 100mg, L-Methionine 100mg, Dandelion 50mg, Protectamins Broccoli Concentrate 50mg, Protectamins Cabbage Concentrate 50mg, N-Acetyl Cysteine 50mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 25mg.

I personally would just do straight Milk Thistle, but as we talked about add tumeric and/or more dandelion if you feel like you need it. There's just so much extra stuff going on withthe Thislyn.

Do you have a good recipe for Kefir? Could you post it if you do?

Best wishes to you!
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Postby herbsgirl » Oct 28, 2007 9:22 pm

Hi Spark! I do believe I had BAD morning sickness, at the very least. . Although I did not lose 20% of my body wieght I could hardly keep any food down sometimes, but I was able to get by with only 1 IV, so I guess it wasnt as bad as some of you ladies. I was miserable to say it one word, and it was pretty constant , day and night. I believe there are different levels of regular morning sickness. Mine was on the upper end of bad at least in my first preg :D . But compared to some of the ladies with true HG that Had picc lines, and nose tubes, I should have been more thankful I was Miserable, not living off of an IV! :sickfast: If I would have only had this website then!! Oh, I was talking about the regular Thislyn.....All there is in regular thislyn Is Milk thistle! There are about 5-6 different kinds of THislyn. Here is the one I was talking about.....It is 2x more available to your body than regular Silymarin... ... =4545&at=0

The kefir grains I got from a friend and they just keep growing, I dont have to buy any more grains. I dont really have a recipe. I just put the grains in a glass jar with milk and let it set on my counter for 12-24 hours with the lid propped for at least part of the time. Then I strain the kefir grains, and theres my kefir. I put the grains in a jar...and I can start all over or I can put in ref for a couple days or so.

Also, have you heard anything about the probiotics helping morning sickness? There are some women who have taken Beeyoutiful brand Tummy Tuneup Originol Blend Probiotics and it has helped or taken away extreme Morning Sickness. Beeyoutiful brand is the same thing as Gr8dopholis in my protocol. Supposudly the women took the capsules EVERY time they ate, 6-8 times a day. Another woman on forum said she took 4-5 probiotic capsules 4+ times a day and thats what helped her. So thats why I added the specific probiotic blend to my protocol. I read that it seems to help some women, the probiotics, but it has to be MASSIVE amounts. Thats partly why added all the kefir. Kefir has Trillions of CFU's per Millimeter and much more than capsules can ever give you.

I read the PM, I am going to play around with some added dandelion and turmeric added to my Milk thistle product for Prepping and see what helps my skin condition. It appears that maybe other added liver herbs would be beneficial besides Milk thistle.

Also I re-did parts of my protocol and added links, ect to some important products and informaiton.


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