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Postby claira22 » Oct 21, 2005 10:49 am

Does anyone have, or know of, any experience of having hg in Hong Kong? I have lived there, but way before I even knew what hg was, and the few friends still there who have had babies have had model pregnancies. DH is wanting my opinion on whether he should work next in either London, New York or Hong Kong.... At the moment my perspective is slightly skewed as we'd like another child after we've moved and I can only seem to consider places based on what the treatment for hg will be like!

London would be okay as we lived in at the beginning of 1st pg, and I feel like I know the ropes now with hg on the NHS, and also loads of family support not too far away. New York would be great as it sounds like home IV's etc.. are pretty routine in the states. But Hong Kong..... such an unknown quantity. Generally Dr's there like prescribing lots of drugs (was offered antibiotics every time I had a cold!) but whether the same thing goes in pg I don't know. Having experienced hg with and without zofran, I know I need it!

I know its a bit of a longshot, but just in case one of you used to live in HK, or someone is lurking, I thought I'd post. I'll give it a week and then start running up a very expensive phone bill calling round ob/gyns in HK!

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Postby PamelaRose » Oct 21, 2005 10:13 pm

Hmmm. I've got HGers in Singapore and Japan, but no Hong Kong. Check through the Memberlist here, and maybe you'll stumble across someone who's in Hong Kong and allows PMs. Good luck!

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