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If HG continued past mid-pregnancy, did you experience complications during delivery related to your poor health such as a strained ligaments/joints, pelvic floor damage, prolonged or weak pushing, fainting, low blood pressure, low pain tolerance, forceps/assisted delivery, broken bones, nerve damage, low amniotic fluid, fetal problems due to difficult delivery, etc.?


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Mothers' Area

Welcome to the area of our site we dedicate to mothers, those currently experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), or those who have endured it in the past. Perhaps you are reading this because your sister or mother had HG and you are concerned you, too, will face it. You will find a wealth of information, support, resources to help you, as well as ways you can use your experience to make a difference for another woman with HG. After you read the information, feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, we are here to help you.

"Nine months of nausea is a mind-altering experience."
From a HG Survivor

Get Info: Learn about HG, get some survival tips, download a survival guide or a progress chart, and learn about getting the nutrition you need.

Get Help: Look up a healthcare professional in our Referral Network, common treatments for HG, and lots of helpful online resources, including website links about shopping online and about pregnancy & parenting.

Get Support: Ask questions and share your stories in our Mothers' Forum, participate in HG Research, find hope & encouragement, or volunteer.

Get Going: Get some info about what to do after pregancy and in preparation of another one.

Updated on: Aug. 17, 2019

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